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Will the BP Oilpocalypse cause a Paradigm Shift – Not Really

Everyone is following the BP story. Everyone is witnessing the horror in the Gulf.

Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead turtles. Dead dolphins.

No more blue fin tuna.

No more domestic shrimp and oysters.

Fishermen out of work. Tourist industries decimated.

Bobby Jindal, Bob Riley, Haley Barbour, Charlie Crist feet stomping about BP’s and the government’s delayed response.

What does it all mean?

Nothing really. Here’s why….

Body Count Continues

GOM Body Count


594 birds

250 turtles

30 mammals

11 humans

Help Greenpeace redesign BP’s logo

Outraged at devastation in the Gulf, yet?

Do you want to take action?

Maybe even not that much action?

All you Photoshoppers, PowerPointers and Mac users – here’s your chance.

Submit your BP Logo redesigns to Greenpeace.