Will the BP Oilpocalypse cause a Paradigm Shift – Not Really

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Everyone is following the BP story. Everyone is witnessing the horror in the Gulf.

Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead turtles. Dead dolphins.

No more blue fin tuna.

No more domestic shrimp and oysters.

Fishermen out of work. Tourist industries decimated.

Bobby Jindal, Bob Riley, Haley Barbour, Charlie Crist feet stomping about BP’s and the government’s delayed response.

What does it all mean?

Nothing really. Here’s why….

The problem lies in everyone of us who depend on cheap energy.

Do you drive?

Is your electricity derived from fossil fuels?

Are you willing to pay an additional tax on these? A tax that reflects the true utilization price?

I am reminded of the Jack Nicholson scene, “You can’t handle the truth.”

The following is from James Kunstler

  For the moment we can only speculate on what the still-unresolved incident will mean for America’s oil supply. The zeal to prosecute BP for something like criminal negligence has bestirred a Department of Justice comatose during the rape-and-pillage of the US financial system. BP may be driven out of business, but then what? The net effect of the oil spill, one way or another, will be the gradual shut-down of oil drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico. New government supervision will make operations very costly, if not non-viable, and the surviving companies will probably pack up for the west coast of Africa where supervision is almost non-existent.  Anyway you cut it, the US will produce less oil and import more — and have to rely on the political stability of places like Angola and Nigeria, not to mention the simmering Middle East.

    So far, also, the US has done nothing in the way of holding a serious national political discussion about the the most important part of the story: our pathological dependency on cars. I don’t know if this will ever happen, even right up to the moment when the lines form at the filling stations. For years, anyway, the few public figures such as Boone Pickens who give the appearance of concern about our oil problem, end up down the rabbit hole of denial when they get behind schemes to run the whole US car-and-truck fleet on something besides gasoline.

    This unfortunate techno-narcissism shows that almost nobody wants to think about living with fewer cars driving fewer miles. We’re going to be dragged there kicking and screaming, but that’s our destination, like it or not. All the effort now going into developing alt-fuels and “green” cars is just a form of “bargaining” on the Kubler-Ross transect of grief.

Even as his state’s coast line is under siege,  Gov. Jindal continues to push for offshore drilling.

Our national leaders are currently gutting the 2010 Energy Bill led by Sen. Grassley. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is challenging the EPA’s regulation of carbon emissions.

From the New York Times

The Senate bill is far from perfect. It coddles the coal companies, and its provisions for off-shore drilling will now have to be revised or at least tightened up with multiple safeguards. But for the first time, the bill would set a price on carbon-dioxide emissions, which are now dumped without penalty into the atmosphere. This is an essential prerequisite for shifting private and public investment to cleaner energy sources.

The oil savings would be substantial. According to a new study by the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics, the bill’s mandates for alternative fuels and more efficient vehicles would reduce oil imports one-third by 2035.

But instead of embracing this positive bill, the Senate is expected to vote soon on a measure that would move the country in exactly the wrong direction – a resolution sponsored by Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska Republican, that would undercut the government’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases and reduce the anticipated oil savings from the tough new fuel economy standards the White House announced last April.

One must ask why?

How can our national leaders watch the horrors unfolding in the Gulf and continue to ensure our dependence on the companies creating this horror?

The answer is simple. It’s because that’s what we want.

We do not want gasoline over $5.00/ gallon.

We do not want upwards of 20% increase in electric and energy costs.

We do not want to give up life in suburbia.

We do not have the infrastructure in place for any other alternative.

This is not only Obama’s energy failure, it is our energy failure.

So as you look at oil gushing out the blowout preventor, oil soaked pelicans, and dead fish washing ashore,

it means nothing.

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  2. If you thought one of the biggest oil spills in history would automatically propel strong legislation to cap carbon emissions and avert a climate crisis, think again.


  3. when Nicola Tesla invented AC and some control freak asshole by the name of JP Morgan wanted a return on his money.

    Yes I do want to know if there is scientific evidence of ancient nuclear wars, what the function of pyramids aligned to ancient star patterns were for.  Why has our dependence on oil been driven by suppression of science for the last 100 years.

    Why western civilization can’t produce good zippers on pants let alone blowout preventer valves.

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