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Will the BP Oilpocalypse cause a Paradigm Shift – Not Really

Everyone is following the BP story. Everyone is witnessing the horror in the Gulf.

Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead turtles. Dead dolphins.

No more blue fin tuna.

No more domestic shrimp and oysters.

Fishermen out of work. Tourist industries decimated.

Bobby Jindal, Bob Riley, Haley Barbour, Charlie Crist feet stomping about BP’s and the government’s delayed response.

What does it all mean?

Nothing really. Here’s why….

Stop the Hotter Planet Act of 2010

Our nation's big polluters and their allies in the U.S. Senate are launching a direct attack on efforts to stop climate change.  We must defeat them — right now.  

Today, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is expected to offer an amendment to revoke the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate carbon dioxide.

Sen. Murkowski is trying to destroy the most effective tool we currently have for reducing greenhouse gas emissions — the EPA's Clean Air Act power to reduce CO2 emissions.

Tell your Senators: Vote NO on Sen. Murkowski's amendment to gut the Clean Air Act.

The Clean Air Act gives the EPA power to regulate dangerous pollutants in our air, including greenhouse gases. Right now, that's the only legal authority the federal government has to fight climate change.

Sen. Murkowski's agenda isn't hard to understand: fossil fuel lobbyists helped write the original version of her amendment,1 and she is Congress's top recipient of campaign contributions from the massively polluting electric utility industry.2

We expect the vote on Murkowski's amendment will be close, and that some Senate Democrats will vote for it.

Tell your Senators today: Defend the Clean Air Act and vote NO on Sen. Murkowski's amendment.