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‘Be the One’

Help Greenpeace redesign BP’s logo

Outraged at devastation in the Gulf, yet?

Do you want to take action?

Maybe even not that much action?

All you Photoshoppers, PowerPointers and Mac users – here’s your chance.

Submit your BP Logo redesigns to Greenpeace.

Action Alert in Pennsylvania: They’ll take my state parks from my cold, dead hands!

I apologize for the short and rushed essay, but I really want you to take action (something anyone can easily do) on this issue that is near and dear to me.

The Pennsylvania Senate’s proposed budget, SB 850, would cut the Department of Conservation and Natural Resource’s budget so much that they might have to close about 35 state parks.  With 117 state parks in PA, that’s a huge chunk, and chances are there would be a state park near you closing if you live in Pennsylvania.

Go below the fold to see how you can take action.