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My Vision For America

Gosh darn it, the liberal media elite in this country is really makin’ it hard for me to communicate with the American people I love so much.  They twist my words about the danger of Russians invading Alaska, the dangers of William Ayers, the dangers of rollin’ out the red carpet for me at hockey games, blah, blah, blah.  So today I want to take my Vision For America directly to you, the real American people, without havin’ to worry about my words being made to look stupid.

I envision an America with a much smaller government that doesn’t get in the way of our patriotic spirit.  To cut the size of government, I propose eliminating a bunch of states that aren’t carrying their weight in the ol’ patriotism department.  States like California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Vermont are no-brainers – they’re out.  This election will be a test for some states that are unsure of their patriotism and they better think REAL HARD about whom to vote for if they want to remain in this great country of ours.  I’m watching you, Pennsylvania!  Also Virginia, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Montana.