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Congress to retroactively legalize foreclosure fraud and forgery by crooked banksters (Updated)

Looks like bmaz and Ian Welsh were correct.

Tomorrow Congress is going to legalize the banks’ criminal activity by destroying property law in America.

Are you shitting me?

Is this the Twilight Zone?

The time for rational debate is over.

update: The bill was defeated, primarily along party lines.  The party line vote suggests that interpretations of H.R. 3808unc as a “procedural vote to check the President’s unconstitutional use of the pocket veto by Congress in general, including Nancy Pelosi,” was probably entirely incorrect, and it never really made sense to me to begin with, given how much power Congress has gladly abdicated already.

Anyway, chalk one, just one, up for the Democrats.  

New mortgage trap increases taxpayer risk, if it works!

Feeling distressed about mortgage payments?  The government would like to help.  Just press the little red button.


Say What?, you freakin wallstreet crook

Morgan Stanley’s Mack: ‘We Cannot Control Ourselves’

Say What?? But you clowns are supposed to be the best of the best of the best……………………………………., which is supposedly the reason you get Extreme Compensation and ever growing Company Perks, writeoffs by the way, No One Else Can Do What You Do, or so the crap is stated and You Can’t Control Yourselves, say it ain’t so you freak!!!