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Veterans Need To Visit O’Reilly and FOX New York Studio’s

I just sent out a Heads Up to Vet Pax, which is the coalition of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against The War Chapters in and around New York City.

I had been thinking about what could be done on this issue of o’really and his total lack of not only knowledge, about the Plight Of Veterans Who Are Homeless, but his total lack of Compassion, wasn’t that what his hero ran on, and Support towards Veterans in General.

lbear sent me an E which cleared the thought process.

The “Right” Before Christmas

The Right Before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas

And all through the news

The networks were vying

To peddle their views

The Secular Media

Pretending to care

Broadcast their services

Over the air

CNN’s query for

Me and for you

Was what would Lord Jesus

Himself really do


Wants to share with us all

The party from Radio

City Music Hall

But one network more

Than the others declares

Its devotion to

Christianity’s prayers

From 24 hours

Its schedule was sliced

To give almost half

To the glory of Christ

Which compels one to wonder

Regarding Fox News

T’would be better to hail

The net as Fox Pews

Brought to you by…

News Corpse

The Internet’s Chronicle Of Media Decay.

Abortion QuickFlashes from HotFlashReport.com 11/7/07

These and other stories focusing on abortion, reproductive rights, birth control and right wing sexual hypocrisy were featured at the HotFlashReport this week.  Stop by and just read.  Or, sign up for an account in order to comment and post Diaries yourself.

Fox News: “Al Gore Has Debased the Nobel Peace Prize”

crossposted at Daily Kos and Truth & Progress

Earlier this evening, I watched Fox News’ “All Star Panel” of talking heads.  It included Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, and Nina Easton.  The moderator, Brett Baier, highlighted some Fox poll which showed non-candidate Al Gore with about 10% support among Democratic voters, third behind Hillary and Obama.  What’s noteworthy is that the poll was taken on October 10, 2007 BNPP (Before the Nobel Peace Prize).  But what really caught my attention was this insightful statement from Fred Barnes, who some of you may remember was once a liberal reporter for the Washington Star newspaper which went out of business in the early 1980’s

“Al Gore has really debased the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Which got me thinking.  Are there other such examples of people really debasing their chosen professions and dishonoring respected institutions in recent history?

The answer below the fold. 

My thoughts on the Republican Debate

Please don’t promote.

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