Veterans Need To Visit O’Reilly and FOX New York Studio’s

I just sent out a Heads Up to Vet Pax, which is the coalition of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against The War Chapters in and around New York City.

I had been thinking about what could be done on this issue of o’really and his total lack of not only knowledge, about the Plight Of Veterans Who Are Homeless, but his total lack of Compassion, wasn’t that what his hero ran on, and Support towards Veterans in General.

lbear sent me an E which cleared the thought process.

My call to ‘Vet Pax’ was that they pay a visit to the New York City Studios of FOX News?, now FOX advertises itself as a News Organization, so Real News, they can report, should be brought to their attention.

That Real News is the Truth about the Plight of Homeless Vets, not a fairy tail, but The Reality!

Brandon has a post up over at Vet Voice about the billo, along with a video, from Brave New Films of interviews with Homeless Vets about billo’s comments. Take a trip over to either link and view.

I have never been able to figure out where billo, or for that matter any of their so called news anchors? or reporters?, fit into a News? channel, but I don’t watch it neither.

Some of the Vets in Vet Pax have, at one time or another, experianced the Homelessness, for a veriaty of reasons, and they now help out Iraq and Afgan Vets, male and female, who find themselves in situations that leave them in that situation.

Now the New York City area isn’t the only area where this happens, nor is it the only FOX Studio.

I’m writing this as a call to Any Veterans reading it, if you’re near a FOX Studio, anywhere in the country, get together and pay it a visit, bring some Real Facts about what Veterans go through, in this country of flag wavers and super patriots. Bring FOX some real news to report!!

Oh and tell them it’s Time Billo Be Gone!!