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How to prove the risk of denying God & Global Warming at the same time with 300 yr old science

    Based on the science of Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), renowned Christian theologian and mathematician, the Pascal Wager can be used to prove the risks of denying the existence of God and climate change at the same time.

   First, watch this video that covers the concept of Pascal’s wager, a system used to prove what might happen to someone based on their belief in God and the chance that God exists or not.

More, and the wonky climate science stuff, below the fold

Corporations Plunder … only Persons Create

Corporate Rights and Responsibilities: Restoring Legal Accountability

Dr Dan Plesch & Dr Stephanie Blankenburg

[pg 4]

Giant corporations have the rights of a person, but none of the responsibilities.

Society needs successful businesses, but today business is taking over society.

51 of the world’s 100 largest economies are corporations

(Institute for Policy Studies, Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power, 2001).

80% of the world’s industrial output is made by 1,000 corporations

(The Economist, 29 January 2000).

https://eprints.soas.ac.uk/570…  (pdf)

Staggering Stats! from nearly a decade ago!

If were not careful, metaphorically at least, that world of Terminator 2 may indeed come to pass … that day “When machines rise up rule the world”.

It may already be too late — despite the Human Face, we like to paint on our neighborhood global Corporate Entities …

Holy Crap on a (Chinese Made) Pogo Stick


I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

In a diary on mortgages, now frontpaged, a comment was made about the Chinese moving in to your home when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

My initial reaction – that sounds just a tad farfetched to me. After all, China does own a lot of our government debt, but I seriously doubt they own much in the way of our personal debt.

Well, since Google is our friend, I decided I better test my theory before spouting off.

And thus, the title of this essay.