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Assumptions can be dangerous to people who are habitually marginalized.  One of the big assumptions that people make about the concept of “transgender” is that transgender is a subset of homosexual.  It is not.  I do not have data to turn to, but I have heard, as I shared in a diary last week, that about 1/4 of transgender people are gay or lesbian, 1/4 are heterosexual, 1/4 are bisexual and 1/4 are asexual.  

What exactly that says about the influence of the normalized control of gender and sexuality by our culture is something I’ll let other people discuss.

But the assumption has a large impact on the everyday lives of gender-variant people.  Even scientists studying sexually-transmitted diseases jump to the conclusion that transgender women are “men who have sex with men.”  And even direct evidence to the contrary often does not dissuade people from adopting the assumption.

Tonight I have two cases in point.

How to prove the risk of denying God & Global Warming at the same time with 300 yr old science

    Based on the science of Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), renowned Christian theologian and mathematician, the Pascal Wager can be used to prove the risks of denying the existence of God and climate change at the same time.

   First, watch this video that covers the concept of Pascal’s wager, a system used to prove what might happen to someone based on their belief in God and the chance that God exists or not.

More, and the wonky climate science stuff, below the fold