Say What?, you freakin wallstreet crook

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Morgan Stanley’s Mack: ‘We Cannot Control Ourselves’

Say What?? But you clowns are supposed to be the best of the best of the best……………………………………., which is supposedly the reason you get Extreme Compensation and ever growing Company Perks, writeoffs by the way, No One Else Can Do What You Do, or so the crap is stated and You Can’t Control Yourselves, say it ain’t so you freak!!!

At a financial journalism panel hosted by Vanity Fair and Bloomberg News on Wednesday night, Mr. Mack was asked about the increased regulation that his firm and other investment banks are saddled with.

His surprising response: “Regulators have to be much more involved,” he said. “We cannot control ourselves.” (Watch a video clip here.)

Mr. Mack went even further in his praise of the dozen or so regulators who now patrol Morgan Stanley’s offices in the wake of the firm becoming a bank holding company.

“I love it,” he said, adding that it forced him and his firm to watch the level of risk they were taking on…>>>>

What is it lately with a few of these Super Conmen, looking for absolution from the masses they bilked, and they think we’re so ignorant that we’re going to fall for this crap!

I say start taking some of these regulators, or better yet the lower staff workers in these firms, and elevate them to the top executive jobs at four or five times what they’re making now, the best would be the receptionist or the real paper pushers they always know more of what’s going on in a company then these so called execs who spend more time pallin around with each other or with their expensive toys.

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  1. I mean think about it in the proper context.

    If he were a drug addict this would be perfectly accepted behavior.

    That is what these guys are “money junkies”. They can’t control their limitless greed… they always have to get their next money fix.

    The difference is a drug addict does it to themselves … money junkies are dangerous … they do it to the country.

    • Inky99 on November 20, 2009 at 03:25

    to figure out ways to game the system to accumulate money.

    It’s always seemed kind of obvious to me.

    Yet we’ve had to suffer through this “regulations are bad” bullshit since, oh, 1980 or so.

    And then we had this goddamn idiot of a Federal Reserve boss who decided it should be public policy of the Federal Reserve and of the financial system in general to let the system take care of itself.

    He actually came out and said there should be no penalties for corruption on Wall Street, because somehow the magic libertarian hand of, well, GOD, or whatever, would just “take care of things”.

    So we’ve had the foxes in charge of the henhouse.

    Foxes are foxes.   Wall Street is Wall Street.

    Anyone who says the foxes can regulate themselves is a fucking IDIOT.

  2. would regulate themselves, like all good markets do.

    Let’s see, how many years did he spew out this bullshit?

    and now he’s not so sure, oh well, little Timmy will fix


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