Writing on the Wall


Forget about rising toward some political rebellion, a fight for our lives for a modicum of popular power. Forget it. Forget about “fighting” for your inalienable rights to live in health, in freedom and in pursuit of your better angels. Forget it. Forget about fighting for peace to stop all the illegal, irresponsible and immoral wars of Western hegemony. Forget about fighting for truth and justice for the Banksters who Ponzi-schemed the world to bankruptcy and blackmailed the world to fork over the people’s dough for a perpetual debt which can’t be repaid – the people now forever enthralled to its creditors – International Bankers . Forget about demanding justice for the torturers, rapists and murderers of America’s rabidly racist, religiously bigoted and downright evil mercenary armies who do the dirty work for just another in a long line of evil empires.


Forget about all that. Forget hoping your president will still turn out to be the man you thought he was. Forget hoping change will come through the system. Forget hoping humanity will unite in a 100th Monkey Kum-ba-yah moment of evolutionary epiphany or divine inspiration. Forget about politics, issues and nation.

It is time to abandon all hope for good things to come from the gangs of war lords, drug lords and lords of prey which comprise the power brokers and their agencies of death, destruction and disintegration of a struggling society soul-searching for a better way before it’s too late.

It is time to abandon and forget all you’ve worked and struggled for in human rights, peace and justice. It is time to plan for your future survival in the coming calamity.

The seed-stocks of agriculture which have sustained humanity for tens of thousands of years are now all proprietary products of genetic engineering and “improvements ” by massive corporations whereby all we’ve eaten for millennia is being replaced by untested Frankenfood with unknown consequences for human health and brain function. Clean water is not a right but a prized commodity. The oceans are dying from over-kill and pollution. Industrial meat and dairy production is gran guignol theater with animals pumped full of disease-ridden drugs and cramped into gulag ghetto cages to serve out a horrifically unnatural life until the critter is ready for slaughter – its meat to infect the next animal up the food chain.

Everything necessary for survival is for sale, so humans are compelled to work or starve. Ambiguous and amorphous words like Life and Liberty are inalienable rights but realities like food, shelter and basic dignity are not. Citizens are forced onto the treadmill of debt and sentenced to run in circles for peanuts for perpetuity to pay for the privilege of life in a happy-shiny consumer society built upon smoke and mirrors. Revolutions of renaissance and enlightenment have given way to counter-revolutions of establishmentarian dogma and exceptionalist superstition.

Microwave beams and dirty air. Ozone-depleted solar radiation and chemical poisoning. Snake oil and con-games. Bullies and bribes. Bread and circuses. Blood and gore. A reality so ugly and a future so bleak, the masses flee to escape into gothic trivial pursuits and the sex and drug addled urgent moment of now. The future is a dystopian wasteland. We watch our present turn into Orwellian-Blade Runner- Space Odyssey- Burlesque where smiles are tattoos and thoughts are crimes. Soldiers are cold-blooded robots, but the enemy is always flesh, bone and tears. We are ordered to support our troops in slaughters of infidel.  Drones fly the skies with star-burst missiles and targets derived from gossip, graft and family feuds. It’s an offensive crusade against a defensive jihad. An endless war begun millennia ago by ignorant men of dead gods. And pursued today by venal grifters of pyramidal mammon.

Humanity is systemically poisoned for profit, enslaved by debt and propelled into servitude to an Authority derived from corruption and force-of-arms. Humans, like cocks and dogs, are trained to fight each other for platitudes, dumb ideas and kibble. In the United States, an entire subculture of hate and ignorance has been allowed to simmer and seethe like frogs to a boil. And now we see this cult-inspired army of the propagandized and programmed triggered off the couch-potato-thrones in their ‘everyman’ castles and out into the chaotic and dangerous streets to fight against Satan so the government won’t take their peanuts and bananas which is all they can afford until right after the lottery hits, which is god’s will. Hopefully. Sometime. After enough prayer and tithe.

They got their guns and their dimwit ideas. And they are on the march, urged on by the puppets of the controllers who push the buttons of boom and bust, war and peace and us versus them. This army is not the spic ‘n span, white clad mindless order-takers of the Star Wars evil empire, but a relentless maggot, zombie army with an unquenchable thirst for blood in a Manichean battle for human souls between the forces of light and dark.  

There is a war brewing and you are the enemy. Those who want change, reform, transparency and truth are the enemy. Those who want answers and expect results are the enemy. Those who want accountability for high crimes are the enemy. Those who want to upturn the money-changer carts in the Temple of Democracy are the enemy. Those who want democracy and honest representation are the enemy. Those who want social diversity and mutual respect are the enemy. Those who don’t believe fairy tales are true are the enemy. You are the enemy.

They can mobilize thousands in minutes to Hatefests Against America while we puzzle over why Obama is such a pussy. They’ve got guns and tasers and we have signs and sing-a-longs. They have zealous commitment and a hunger to kill. We have reason, intuition and a thirst for peace. They are fearless in their hatred of those who disagree, while we encourage reasoned debate, community spirit and see violence appropriate only for existential defense.

And defense is what we are playing in this war of aggression against us. Control is tightening. Authority is accruing. The zombie army is awakening.

Isn’t a voluntary vaccine mandatory if you can be fired from your job for not getting the voluntary vaccine? Our Fourth Amendment right to privacy is in tatters – we are spied upon, data-mined and spun into game theory scenarios for the shits and giggles of the Money Power elite who see humans like children see bugs and insects – objects of curiosity for experimentation and dismemberment. Pulls the wings off a butterfly, pull the rug out from under a family. In the old days the masses loved to watch death match entertainments and now the masses are death match entertainments for the elite who refuse to budge an inch in its quest for full-spectrum dominance and maximum cruelty.

Catastrophe is coming. A climax is building. The current situation is unsustainable. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Empire, War, Famine and Death – gallop down thunder road.  To keep your eyes glued to political theatrics while Rome burns and the Zombie Army of the Living Dead Couch Potato Haters are mobilized against you and your ilk is to lose. There is writing on the wall. Can you read it? John the Baptist could.

Prepare Ye.



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    • gottlieb on September 22, 2009 at 16:33
  1. I have the red Apocalyptic horse.

  2. as far as the US goes, especially because Americans have no wish to fight back-or much understanding of what to fight.  For the rest of the world, things may not be so bad.

    • pfiore8 on September 22, 2009 at 20:12

    every system peters out. withers. disappears.

    the only real question, for me,  is this one: are we alone in the universe?

    and if we are alone in the universe and should manage to annihilate an entire planet and all of its systems, what implications does that have for the universe?

    i know it sounds crazy, but i wonder if the universe, some energy unaware of itself, has become dependent upon the consciousness of those here, some of whom are capable of acknowledging an infinite universe.

    i wonder if we fight so hard to hold on because there’s more at stake than we outwardly understand, but subconsciously realize.

    otherwise, i just don’t get it. how some of us find it so important to fight for sustainability while those who actually have the resources and power to fight the oncoming shitstorm keep denying it.

    all the other noise disappears; this is what fascinates me.

    • Diane G on September 22, 2009 at 21:21

    They can’t kill our love. As long as we all love, there’s that.

    I love you, dear one, along with all the others that do.

    Mean it.


    • Diane G on September 23, 2009 at 01:25

    Crow has brought the message

    to the children of the sun

    for the return of the buffalo

    and for a better day to come

    You can kill my body

    You can damn my soul

    for not believing in your god

    and some world down below

    You don’t stand a chance

    against my prayers

    You don’t stand a chance

    against my love

    They outlawed the Ghost Dance

    but we shall live again,

    we shall live again

    My sister above

    She has red paint

    She died at Wounded Knee

    like a later day saint

    You got the big drum in the distance

    blackbird in the sky

    That’s the sound that you hear

    when the buffalo cry

    You don’t stand a chance

    against my prayers

    You don’t stand a chance

    against my love

    They outlawed the Ghost Dance

    but we shall live again,

    we shall live again

    Crazy Horse was a mystic

    He knew the secret of the trance

    And Sitting Bull the great apostle

    of the Ghost Dance

    Come on Comanche

    Come on Blackfoot

    Come on Shoshone

    Come on Cheyenne

    We shall live again

    Come on Arapaho

    Come on Cherokee

    Come on Paiute

    Come on Sioux

    We shall live again


    Posted this am before I knew how relevant…..

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