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Rising Swine: Pandemic or Propaganda?

Is it just me or has the swine flu pandemic panic been a very fortuitous occurrence for one Richard B. Cheney and his fellow war criminal scum. It was only last week that the horrors of the torture memos were the order of the day and a pitched battle was being fought by activists and patriots over the waffling Obama administration’s ongoing failure to enforce the law. But then the word went out that we were all going to die and the media mongrels quickly snapped up the bullshit biscuits and stood on their hind legs begging for more. The torture memos are now a part of history, cast down the memory hole. It’s time to just move along as the Pope of Hope says, nothing to see here. We have work to do on our national rejuvenation you see and any sort of restoration of the law would be seen as a partisan witch hunt and reek of vengeance. Besides, our very own Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, your illustrious and feckless Democratic leaders were privy to it all anyway.

Four Viruses in One Mainstream Says:The Big One

Yet will zombinals everywhere make any sort of connection?

Doubt it.

Bird Flu,Swine Flu,Spanish flu for you too.  I have two wonderful summer days at beach away from “news”, the net, and “modern” society and return to find the human condition unchanged.  

A “combination” of viruses.

“Outbreaks” simultaneously in diverse geographical locations.

Emergency, emergency, please to get from street.

Dare you say manufactured event?  Yes it is.


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