Four Viruses in One Mainstream Says:The Big One

Yet will zombinals everywhere make any sort of connection?

Doubt it.

Bird Flu,Swine Flu,Spanish flu for you too.  I have two wonderful summer days at beach away from “news”, the net, and “modern” society and return to find the human condition unchanged.  

A “combination” of viruses.

“Outbreaks” simultaneously in diverse geographical locations.

Emergency, emergency, please to get from street.

Dare you say manufactured event?  Yes it is.…

I like this guy’s take on the big biz of big pharma.

As to the beach.  It was our family’s maiden RV voyage.  We did campfires, caught crabs and dug in the sand until we hit water.  Cheap Chinese squirt guns don’t fire straight but Grampy took his bike mounted caboose down to see the flying model airplane.  We teased Mark about getting caught in a ripcurrent, “experienced” kayak “captain” he said he was.  Later my daughter and I had close encounters in these same not big enough kayaks with a pack of seals.

They did it in the past.

They continue to do it now.

From lamestream media.  “A combination of four viruses”.

HLN-a subclone of CNN.  


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  1. It is supposed to be in July!

  2. Murder in the Medicine Cabinet.

  3. …the vaccine.

    at Global Research

  4. Involuntary isolation.  North Carolina.

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