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Obama’s on our side, right?

Well, let’s consider.

Dick Armey and “His” Tax-Supported Healthcare

If you missed this on friday, The Bill Moyers Journal you may want to at least catch his essay for this week. The rest of the show would do well to watch as well, on the Death of Conservatism, the State of Unions and a read of ‘Young Workers: a Lost Decade’.

September 18, 2009

A Bill Moyers essay on the protests in Washington, D.C. and whose funding opposition to health care reform.

Bill Moyers Essay Sept 18th

Teabaggers And “The Most Dangerous System in America”

Much has been made by teabaggers in the healthcare debate that we need to “return to the country our founders envisioned”. With all due respect to the founders who – as Enlightenment thinkers – got a lot of things right, this would be like asking Henry VIII for relationship advice.

Unions Step Up In Town Hall Battles

One thing needs emphasizing about the battles raging during the August recess as Congresscritters return home to visit their constituents and face whipped-up wingnuts: The trade union movement has done a very creditable job in stepping up to the front line and helping thwart efforts to destroy those meetings.

A good example is the the town meeting in Rep. Niki Tsongas’s MA district, which was diaried at Daily Kos by Mike08 a couple of days back. Mike mentions the signs being distributed SEIU members. The AFL-CIO website has a brief report from Rosa Blumenfeld, a young organizer who also attended the meeting.

She says that there were a dozen activists from IUE Local 201 and other union locals in the North Shore Labor Council and another dozen from the Service Employees:

What worked were simple signs with large print slogans like “Real Health Insurance Reform Now,” and “Stop Insurance Company Greed.” During Tsongas’ opening remarks, we applauded forcefully and many in the room cheered. We even had folks countering the extremist amongst the crowd waiting outside.

One of the most effective points during the Q&A happened when one union woman stood up and said:

I think that everyone in this room can agree that we need to stop unnecessary death. My grandmother got sick and died from breast cancer because her insurance company refused to pay for her treatment. The system isn’t working. People are dying. We need this health insurance reform.

She goes on to describe the incredible tension and stress that exhausted the union folks by the end, and offer some insight about how her central labor council is tackling the problem. It’s worth reading.

And then take a moment to reflect on just how important unions are in this country.

Heath Shuler’s Impressive Zone Defense

I live in the NC-11 district, which succeeded in finally replacing slumlord Charles Taylor [a.k.a. “Chainsaw Charlie”] with ex-football heartthrob and semi-Democrat Heath Shuler in the ’06 election. I say semi-Democrat because he’s a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, though less of a hypocritical opportunist than most of the others. Thus he does a pretty good job of actually representing his constituency, which in this corner of southern Appalachia is quite conservative. He’s a local boy made good and a source of some pride for all, thus was the perfect candidate to field against Chainsaw Charlie. Largest source of income in this way-back corner of the state is tourism, so our beautiful forests and mountains are worth way more to us intact than as wood chips or parking lots for Charlie’s puppeteers.

Heath easily carried all 15 counties in the district in ’08, including Henderson, a county primarily populated by native apple farmers, wealthy lawyers and retirees from Florida, and New Jersey ex-pats with Italian surnames and bodyguards. Having met Heath several times during his original campaign, he’s a nice kid with a good heart and honest as the day is long, so I like him. He’s frustrating sometimes, but I’m enough of a realist to know most folks here aren’t nearly as leftist as me, and I’m not the only person he was elected to serve. We’re watching closely, and will take him down at primary as soon as he shows signs of selling out the real ag/tourism base as Charlie did.

The demographics are slowly but surely changing by attrition as the old folks die and lots of DFHs [Dirty F’king Hippies] move in to homestead the countryside and participate in A-ville’s growing reputation as “New Age Mecca.” I’ve got my issues with the DFHs too, but when they can be motivated to vote they are strongly progressive. We’ve a number of great colleges and Universities in the district as well, and students are also a reliable bloc for Dems. There is no doubt that one of these days it will be time to move farther toward the progressive end of the spectrum, so Heath may end up in the Senate if we can arrange for him to run against Burr while we replace him here.

Anyway, Heath is surprisingly bright for a jock, so you might be interested in how he’s handling the ugly Teabagger contingent mobilized to disrupt, harrass and incite violence at the town halls congressmembers are holding during this summer recess. There is a rather large and loud Teabagger contingent in this district, as terminally stupid as anyone else’s and nearly as spaced-out as the hard-core guru branches of the DFHs. Shuler has scheduled not one but two town hall meetings this recess, and if he didn’t play it smart things would no doubt get extremely ugly (most of the Teabaggers in this neck of the woods may always be assumed armed and dangerous).


I’m f*&^in pissed off, I’ve had enough and I’m done humoring the idiots I deal with daily who buy Gadsden flags (Dont tread on me) claiming some sort of connection to our revolution and our nations Christian roots, those who whale and scream about ‘socializing’ healthcare and try to bully us into backing down.  Listen up you morons you cant have it both ways.

If you claim our nation was founded on christion ideals then woe unto you when you go to your christian reward and have to answer for your sins.  Standing against healthcare for those who have no health care is tantamount to murder, a fine example of greed and selfishness.  I dont believe Jesus would condone any of it.  Each and every arguement against  universal health care and health care reform in genral is IMHO an afront to the very Christ you claim to follow.  You remember Sunday school ya know charity, compassion, Love one another v. greed,sloth, murder.  To those assholes in the insurance industries, pharma, nursing homes, hospitals and related professions who are fighting to stop reform I hope theres a special place in hell for ya.

To the Teabaggers and related folk.  You are a joke.  Dont even think you have some sort of link to the founding fathers of our nation.  Our revolution was founded on the idea that because we didnt have a voice in parliment we had no representation hence we lived under edicts.  Here in the U.S. we have a vote. I’ll grant you our system isnt perfect by a long shot but we still have a vote which means a lot and fundamentally seperates both you and I from our forfathers.  

So what it comes down to is this, GROW UP, STFU, and to qoute so many of you ‘if you dont like it leave’  this nation isn’t your’s it’s ours al of us and we the majority won.  Your pathetic ‘I want my America back’ line of bull is, hopefully, the last gast of a shrinking white dominated holier than thow, my way or the lynch mob, have and have not master and serf culture thats being replaced by one of tolerance, acceptance, charity, equity, equinemity, equality and dare I say maybe some day the ultimate christian ideal LOVE.    

Teabagging 9/11 victims, sponsored by FreeRepublic, Freedomworks, FOX and the GOP. Stay classy

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 Does anybody remember who controlled the entire Government of the U.S.A. on 9/11/01?

  It was Clinton’s Obama’s Fault, of course!

  This is the exploitation of the Americans who lost their lives on the morning of September 11, 2001 in order to further the Right Wing/Corporatist political agenda.

  This is the exploitation of the suffering of ever family effected by 9/11.

  This is the exploitation of emergency workers who served on 9/11. Many of them died on that tragic day.

  This is the exploitation of the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

  This is the shameless exploitation of every american, everywhere.

  And where were these protesters in 2002? or 2003? or 2004? or 2005? or 2006? or 2007? or 2008?

  But now that we have a Black Democratic President the Corporate intersts, their lobbyists, the RW media and the GOP choose to protest on the morning after the 8 year anniversary of 9/11/2001?

  This can not stand unchallenged.

 I refer to this.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com Sign up for the 09.12.09 Protest at the Capitol!

It’s time to take the tea party movement directly to Washington, D.C. Please join thousands of local organizers and grassroots Americans from across the country as we gather in our nation’s capital to deliver a message to the politicians: Enough!

We are gathering on 9-12-2009 to deliver our message in person that we’ve had enough!

National Sponsor: Freedom Works



   Freedomworks, if you are not aware, is the RW lobbying firm headed by the Ex Republic House Majority Leader Dick Armey, which has been behind the Fox News sponsored tea bagging party movement that miraculously materialized the moment the Republic party lost the Presidential election on 11/4/08.

   They might as well name their event the 1/19/09 project.

JTP: “Why hasn’t he been strung up?”

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He’s baaaaaaaaaaacccckkkk.

and dumber and more dangerous than ever.

    Americans for Prosperity, one of the wingnut welfare outfits behind the Great Teabagging, held an event in Wausau, Wisconsin yesterday, keynoted by the man who best personifies the Teabagging movement.


    Referring to Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., more than once, Wurzelbacher asked, “Why hasn’t he been strung up?”


    Murder. Sam Wurzlebacher is calling for murder.

The Teabaggin’ Parties Are Already Working

I love the smell of People Power in the morning!  The overwhelmin’ tide of grassroots anger came to a climax yesterday with the Teabaggin’ protests all over this great country of ours.  Millions and millions of patriots were out there makin’ their voices heard and scarin’ the socialists silly with their message of “Stop Governing!” and by the way “Stop the Gays From Gettin’ Married!”  And don’t think this is just talk — we’re forcin’ action to be taken at the very highest levels of the liberal governing elite.

For example, you may remember the total sham from a few weeks ago when Docudharma took away my trusted user status under the laughable excuse of performin’ “software enhancements.”  Well, I am happy to report that the Teabaggin’ protests have so frightened our liberal Docudharma overlords that they have restored my trusted user status!  We DO have the power to stand up to oppression!

And there is an even bigger victory as a result of the Teabaggin’ protests.  Ron Paul is takin’ advantage of this populist anger and wants to heavily arm it.  Paul’s idea is to hire ordinary citizens and send ’em into international waters to fight pirates:

Why The Teabaggers Are Such A Failure

Given what we are seeing with the little Teabaggers the Dog thought that today would be a good day to talk about effective protest and persuasion. There are many tools which we as activist can use. The critical thing is recognizing what works, when it works, why it works and choosing the ones which will achieve our goals most effectively. Today we have seen a failure of epic proportions which will do more damage to the Teabaggers causes (whatever the hell they are) than it will to advance them.

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All That Needs Be Said About The Teabaggers

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