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Ripping America’s Future Away

In his essay, “Senator Conrad Says He’ll Vote Against the Public Option” Slinkerwink at Firedoglake notes . . .

In a town hall meeting with his constituents, Senator Kent Conrad, D-N.D. pushed his co-operative plan, and said that he would vote against the public option in any Senate health care package.  Conrad presented his cooperative health care proposal Thursday and said he would not vote for a government-run health care program.  The proposal has received bipartisan support for several reasons, he said. The cooperative would offer a non-profit insurance option to compete with private health care. It would not be government run, he said.

In response to Conrad’s dog and pony show “co-op plan”,  Slinkerwink notes that . . .

Conrad’s been pushing the co-operative line ever since the debate over health care reform heated up earlier this spring, and he’s a part of the Senate Finance Committee that is keeping the rest of the Senate Democrats out of their caucus talks.  And he knows full well that his co-op plan wouldn’t help the majority of his constituents.  In what’s been leaked about the Senate Finance bill, the co-operative plan actually is a series of regional co-operatives, which wouldn’t do anything to lower health premium costs for American families.


I’m f*&^in pissed off, I’ve had enough and I’m done humoring the idiots I deal with daily who buy Gadsden flags (Dont tread on me) claiming some sort of connection to our revolution and our nations Christian roots, those who whale and scream about ‘socializing’ healthcare and try to bully us into backing down.  Listen up you morons you cant have it both ways.

If you claim our nation was founded on christion ideals then woe unto you when you go to your christian reward and have to answer for your sins.  Standing against healthcare for those who have no health care is tantamount to murder, a fine example of greed and selfishness.  I dont believe Jesus would condone any of it.  Each and every arguement against  universal health care and health care reform in genral is IMHO an afront to the very Christ you claim to follow.  You remember Sunday school ya know charity, compassion, Love one another v. greed,sloth, murder.  To those assholes in the insurance industries, pharma, nursing homes, hospitals and related professions who are fighting to stop reform I hope theres a special place in hell for ya.

To the Teabaggers and related folk.  You are a joke.  Dont even think you have some sort of link to the founding fathers of our nation.  Our revolution was founded on the idea that because we didnt have a voice in parliment we had no representation hence we lived under edicts.  Here in the U.S. we have a vote. I’ll grant you our system isnt perfect by a long shot but we still have a vote which means a lot and fundamentally seperates both you and I from our forfathers.  

So what it comes down to is this, GROW UP, STFU, and to qoute so many of you ‘if you dont like it leave’  this nation isn’t your’s it’s ours al of us and we the majority won.  Your pathetic ‘I want my America back’ line of bull is, hopefully, the last gast of a shrinking white dominated holier than thow, my way or the lynch mob, have and have not master and serf culture thats being replaced by one of tolerance, acceptance, charity, equity, equinemity, equality and dare I say maybe some day the ultimate christian ideal LOVE.