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The Other 98% Takes Wall Street [video]

I am one of The Other 98%, and I am really proud of this growing organization.  Since the beginning of April, nearly 30,000 fans have joined us on facebook.

And this is certainly an awesome video that we made to showcase our involvement in the Show Down on Wall Street.

This Wall Street action was just the beginning, The Other 98% will be back in Washington on May 17th to take on K Street’s corporate lobbyists and their stooges in Congress.

It is going to be a good time; get involved here.

Slaughterhouse Five

This is the Democrats’ story.  It’s a story of consequences, it’s a story of tragedy, it’s a story ripped from the pages of history and stained with the blood of the innocent.  

There are no characters in it and almost no dramatic confrontations, because most of the people in it are so sick and so much the listless playthings of enormous forces.

No We Can’t has been a recurring theme of this story.  When Obama got elected, No We Won’t replaced it.  We haven’t seen any change, change has been consumed in a firestorm of corruption.

Enjoy your stay in Dresden.

Welcome to Hell.

Greetings from Slaughterhouse Five . . .    

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Gone Like Midnight

Sirens ring, shots ring out,

A stranger cries, he screams out loud.

He’s scared.  He has reason to be.  This economy was Dead on Arrival when Obama took office, and no matter how many tubes he sticks into it, it’s going to stay dead.  We need a new economy, a new economy based on worker’s rights, on economic justice, we need an economy that rewards the middle class for its contributions, an economy that cannot be exploited by Wall Street criminals and corporate magnates who don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.  

And the same black line that was drawn on you,

Was drawn on me

That black line of consequences is getting blacker, it’s getting longer, it’s tightening around the necks of unemployed Americans like a noose.  More job losses, more home foreclosures, more evictions.  The consequences of Wall Street greed, the consequences of corporate media deceit, the consequences of Beltway arrogance and conceit, the arrogance and conceit of America’s political ruling class, America’s corporate masters, America’s war industry tycoons and oil barons and criminal bankers.   That black line of consequences has drawn me in, it’s drawn you in, it’s drawn everyone in . . .