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Slaughterhouse Five

This is the Democrats’ story.  It’s a story of consequences, it’s a story of tragedy, it’s a story ripped from the pages of history and stained with the blood of the innocent.  

There are no characters in it and almost no dramatic confrontations, because most of the people in it are so sick and so much the listless playthings of enormous forces.

No We Can’t has been a recurring theme of this story.  When Obama got elected, No We Won’t replaced it.  We haven’t seen any change, change has been consumed in a firestorm of corruption.

Enjoy your stay in Dresden.

Welcome to Hell.

Greetings from Slaughterhouse Five . . .    

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Pony Party: Welcome to the Monkey House

Good morning!!

I hope those of you more familiar with DocuDharma will indulge me as I take a minute to explain what the heck a Pony Party is. 

Pony Parties should appear in the ‘Recent Essays’ section of your DocuDharma Front Page 3 times a day, 9 a.m., noon, and 3 p.m. Eastern.  They serve as open fora, so feel free to ‘pimp’ an essay, say hello, vent, or throw up a plethora of ponies and pooties.  Basically, the floor is yours. 

They appear in the essay column, and due to their frequency and the additional open fora that will appear on the Front Page (more on that later), are meant to scroll away.  So please, don’t recommend the Pony Party essay.  I know it’s tough.  We’re nice people, and we like to give acknowledgment.  Trust me, we won’t take it personally.  But you know who might?  The person who gets bumped off of the Recommended Essays list by a Pony Party.  Put yourself in his/her shoes.