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Another day at the Office, for Lobby America

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A Day In The Life Of A Georgia Lobbyist

Her phone rings. It is another board member, and he is at the Capitol.  We are off to the third floor and a day that accelerates from 0 to 60 very quickly.  Among the sea of suits, we find her guest and connect him with Rep. Stephens, who will escort him onto the floor of the House for a visit.

Immediately thereafter, we meet up with the lobbyist for the Department of Economic Development, which houses the tourism budget and serves as the state’s marketing apparatus for the industry. They discuss the House budget cuts, pending legislation and chart strategy.  During that conversation she is approached by another lobbyist from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia who relays concerns over a hotel tax bill introduced a day earlier.  Joy assures her the bill is a temporary bill and that a substitute is coming.  […]

Not much later, the lobbyist for the Georgia Municipal Association approaches Joy expressing similar concerns.  Joy again explains a substitute is coming.

Shhhh! it’s a secret!

What ever happened to the News?

Media Reform Information Center

In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the U.S.

in 2000, the number had fallen to six. Since then, there have been more mergers and the scope has expanded to include new media like the Internet market. More than 1 in 4 Internet users in the U.S. now log in with AOL Time-Warner, the world’s largest media corporation.

In 2004, Bagdikian’s revised and expanded book, The New Media Monopoly, shows that only 5 huge corporations — Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the U.S. General Electric’s NBC is a close sixth.



Baucus is only the Symptom of a much more Chronic Condition

Did you Vote for Change?

for Accountability; for leveling the playing field; for National Health Care?

Well, your vote apparently doesn’t carry as much weight as it use to.

Here’s one of the main reasons why:

U.S. Democracy Under Siege — Senate Debate Excerpts

Excerpts from the Congressional Record of the October 14, 1999 Senate debate.

The following is a tabulation, for clarity, of the figures cited by Mr. Feingold:

1980 1992 1996
Total soft money contributions to parties ($millions) under 20 86 about 250
# of donors giving over $200,000 52 219
# of donors giving over $300,000 20 120
# of donors giving over $400,000 13 79
# of donors giving over $500,000 9 50
# of companies giving over $150,000 to each of the political parties (“double givers”) 7 43

 (emphasis added)


There has been a tidal wave taking place, that threatens to swamp our fragile system of Democracy.  Indeed it probably already has …

Take a Knee and Digital TeeVee

I was playing with my grandson tonight.  He is two and even though he is still talking in his own made up language we seem to understand each other completely.  He had a plastic sword and I was going to dub him a Knight by tapping each of his shoulders.  He didn’t understand but when I assumed the position by getting down on one knee he did the same thing.  He did so and then I anointed him with the full status of Knight of the Realm.  He then relapsed into contemporary TeeVee land and proceeded to smite me with said very same sword.  I then elevated myself to the status of wizard and everybody knows mere swords can not touch a wizard.

But personal diversions aside I call your attention to the coming Satanic event billed as the “wonderous” transition to digital TeeVee.

Digital TV And Rationed Electricity Too

Hundreds of high definition digital channels await you a mere 353 days, 12 hours, 10 minutes from right now.  Are you impressed?  No I am highly depressed.  What they tell you and what is behind the scenes.  It is much like the past seven years of legislation with noble sounding titles and hidden destructive memes.

This “change” is not for the better.

Electricity Rationing-A “Benefit” of Digital TV

This is the official sappy government FCC site touting the “benefits” of digital TV.


Note all of the marketing hype. I can become a “DTV Deputy”. I can get info in spanish. Note how an entire site is geared towards the simplemindedness of a five year old. To me at least it is chock full of subliminals diverting your focus away from the Satanicness it will bring. In order to get to this let’s click on the FAQ section on the left, that stupid looking TV remote control. After that go to Why are we switching to digital TV. Here is the answer.

“An important benefit of the switch to all-digital broadcasting is that it will free up parts of the valuable broadcast spectrum for public safety communications (such as police, fire departments, and rescue squads). Also, some of the spectrum will be auctioned to companies that will be able to provide consumers with more advanced wireless services (such as wireless broadband)”.

Wireless broadband! Why is this a bad thing? Well if you have no problem with being watched 24 seven or have no problem with government knowing your every move then fine. As an engineer I could also price out very cheap solar powered mini spy cameras that only need be in range of another ugly cell phone tower. Oh, watch the proliferation of uglyness in those babies!

Financial houses are investing in corporations that will meter and control your water and electric use. Yes, you will be rationed.

I don’t see rationed energy and water use as a “benefit” of digital TV.  

Sorry but I don’t see the benefit of government partnerships with companies making all of their products outside of the United States.  And for what 300 channels of crystal clear mindnumbingly stupid “news” and or programming engineered to decimate good moral behavior.

What is does mean is the re-allocation of lower frequecy spectrum, RF energy with a farther reach potential.  They are going to reach into you life and crush it.

Hey but you’re happy, just look at the clear picture!

My Ghandi solution? Go dark Feb 17,2009 go dark. What will you miss? Mindnumbingly stupid corporate “news”? MTV and E channel shows socially engineered to degrade morals? TV evangelicals declaring I-35 in Texas the Holy Highway?

They are pulling the plug, we should too!

Barack Obama will change the system part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the need for systematic change in this country and why Barack Obama had the best plan and record to accomplish that of any of the candidates running. In that diary I talked about his support for public financing of elections and the bills he had introduced to make that a reality with progressive champion Russ Feingold. Since I wrote that I have found out he introduced a bill to publicly finance elections in the Illinois State Senate too. Hard to still make the claim that he is only doing this to win votes.

There is a old saying in the media reform movement “if media is not your number one issue, it has to be your second issue.” In this post I am going to focus on my second issue, media reform.  

Mental Health Alert–Go Dark

As we approach year end spare yourself the recap of the year’s past events.  Do you really want to relive your worst nighmare?


Most admired?  OK, 6 out of ten zombified mouth breathers we polled………

I rest my case.

I can simply point to the most recent FCC decision to allow further media consolidation equating that to the true and final creation of the Ministry of Truth.

Also up, next year starts the destruction of the net.

Remember net neutrality?  Watch as the shitstorm of AOLism comes to the “telecommunications” industry.


Want ads on your cell phone?  You are going to get them.

Want more vacuous airheaded mainstream material streaming content piped directly into your internet enabled cell phone?

Want “levels” of “service”?

266 bidders for the upcoming 700Mhz “auction”.  Ok, I do take this at face value.  The government is selling RF spectrum off to private corporate interests  Thereby polluting my atmosphere further with electromagnetic energy while telling me I have to give up a car due to “global warming”.

Newly found site, leans right, but the purest amoung us realize this is deception.


Hey, I did get new Apocalyptic horse riding boots for Christmas.

Action: One Week to Stop Big Media

The FCC wants to give Big Media a big handout on December 18 – but we can stop them. There is only about one year left of the Bush Administration and they are rushing to give big rewards to there giant corporate friends. One of those big corporate friends is Big Media. And Kevin Martin, the chair of the FCC that deals with media policy wants to give another hugely unpopular giveaway to Big Media. Thankfully the democracy fighters at Free Press have assembled a massive coalition that is fighting back. It's called Stop Big Media and they've been doing great work. And now that there is only a week left until the ruling I decided to write a action diary because this is one of the most important issues out there for progressives and all who believe in fairness.

FCC Approves Bid that Breaks FCC Rules – Monday Morning News Drop

On Friday, November 30th the following story was released, describing how the FCC bent over backwards in order to bypass it’s own rules regarding saturating/dominating local markets in order to please a corporate entity.  The corporate entity in question is Newport Television LLC, which sought to buy up 35 Clear Channel stations.  Well, now they can thanks to the “hard work” put in by the FCC that came up with this nifty idea: Rather than making the corporate entities actually follow the law and risk  losing a financing option or two why not just provide them with waivers?

The sale of the 35 television stations will mean the new owner will be out of compliance with FCC rules that limit the number of stations one company may own in a single market. The market areas include Bakersfield, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Fresno and Monterey in California; Salt Lake City; Albany, New York; Jacksonville, Fla., and San Antonio, Texas.

Political Officers

Do they know when I get up?  This morning my wife while watching WBZ TV morning “news” told me to wait for the story about the government wanting the reading habits of Amazon.com customers.


They usually repeat the very same stories again by the time I actually leave for work.  It is after all mainstream media and in the interest of keeping my soul pure and uncontaminated I have refined a sophisticated in one ear and out the other technique.

Hon, methinks the censors woke up, a story about government intrusion into private lives, the political officers stifled it.

The local network has also chosen to ignore something like this also and favor the manufactured diversionary local issue of the state legislature taking up the question of outlawing corporal punishment for your kids.

I would put further media consolidation as a more pressing issue than spanking kids.


And finally the last find of the day is yet another sieg heil related to “terra” bill.

A republic, if you can keep it.  Another day and another Apocalyptic horse practice ride.

the more things change….

the more they apparently stay the same, or sometimes go backwards.

On October 3, 1957, Judge Clayton Horn had ruled that Allan Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” was not written with the intent of obscenity. Fifty years later, the epic poem is still regarded as one of the most important literary works of the twentieth century.

Fifty years later, “Howl” is once again too obscene for American audiences…

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