Take a Knee and Digital TeeVee

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I was playing with my grandson tonight.  He is two and even though he is still talking in his own made up language we seem to understand each other completely.  He had a plastic sword and I was going to dub him a Knight by tapping each of his shoulders.  He didn’t understand but when I assumed the position by getting down on one knee he did the same thing.  He did so and then I anointed him with the full status of Knight of the Realm.  He then relapsed into contemporary TeeVee land and proceeded to smite me with said very same sword.  I then elevated myself to the status of wizard and everybody knows mere swords can not touch a wizard.

But personal diversions aside I call your attention to the coming Satanic event billed as the “wonderous” transition to digital TeeVee.

Back when government used to make more of an attempt at serving the people the Federal Communications Commission regulated the radio frequency spectrum.  It was a logical function created to make sure ships at sea and planes in the sky did not get radio interference and crash.  They also used to sort of regulate what could be said contentwise on radio and television stations.  Now in only my generation I can remember the sanitized Leave it to Beaver TV show vs what I saw yesterday on “The View” with Carrie Fisher and them talking about somebody giving their fifteen year old daughter a vibrator as a present and how electro-shock therapy was a wonderful thing.  I think it was eleven in the morning.  Now before you say something I spent a year in Germany and can fully testify to the American prudishness towards sexual issues.  That being said George Carlin’s seven words you can’t say on television have indeed become irrelevant as they can and have taken content to an entirely new level.

Myleftwing featured a tribute to the “risque” Bettie Page.  I am fully diverse in my observations of the decline of western civilization so do you want my links and observations of current day pornography?

Digital TeeVee involves several things.  One is an auction of the radio frequency spectrum the FCC was set up to regulate to private companies in order to provide WiFi broadband internet access to “the downtrodden masses”.  Bullshit.

“Free” shit in the premier fatherland of Globo-Corp is never ever “free”.

It will be content regulated to prevent the expansion of 911 truther “terrorists”.  It will contain ads.  It will promote that Satanic ideal of “cloud computing” meaning that never again will you “own” the software or the data that flows through your “applications”.  As an added benefit nationwide available WiFi will complete the NSA’s wet orgasmic dream to total instant 24/7 Orwell World total video cam surveillance.   Sixteen channels of multiplexed video cams will be but an IP address away.

Hey, I can’t afford enough paintballs to cover the lenses of all these new cameras.

And what the assholes of Wall Street really want, http://online.wsj.com/article/…

The other portion of “freed up” radio frequency spectrum is to be allocated to “public service” which means police and fire and other civic “services” and I am left to ponder what “service” real people actually get out of something that has to report to a highly centralized Homeboy Security in getting permission to act on a local routine accident scene.

Now as to those green carbon trading activists and those who fully and unconditionally support the concept of global warming, a la Big Al Gore and his carbon trading scam.  We had a very fine communications system via fired land line telephones but no that was simply not enough “convienience” in this modern society so in addition to the power consumption of conventional old fashioned wired phone we had to power up millions of radio frequency repeater cell phone towers in a redundant second power sucking grid, ie, the Verizon Network we are all so fucking proud of just to ensure the you have the God given right to talk to anyone you feel entitled to talk to at any time of day and from anywhere.

Yes on a day when I most needed a God damed cell phone the NSA decided to turn the broadcast function on thus depleting my battery and requiring a stop at a Radio Shack to buy a car charger assembly.  Otherwise I don’t do cell phones as 865 Mhz is not far from the very first microwave oven frequency of 912 Mhz and as I say to my kids who don’t listen.

“Would you stick you head into a microwave oven.”


Yes I know it’s only 355 responses but then again Britney Spears returns millions.  I prefer not to follow the lemmings.

More than thirty seconds of conventional TeeVee requires several hours of meditative cleansing techniques so why oh why would I need more channels of the same crap in higher digital resolutions.

It is too soon to prove if my beloved grandson shares my psychic gifts but I think he does.  Will he outdistance me or prove in his later years that I am too inept to even train him.

That might even be very cool in validating my wasted time on this cesspool of a planet.


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  1. A search of the name Lasthorseman on Google used to return many of my political blogging post either right or wrong.  It does appear that my opionions and bringing up an alternative way of thinking has indeed angered the establishment point of view to the extent that it simply has to be prevented.

    To these ends other returns have to be added in the search on the name Lasthorseman.  Compare Google and then try that ancient one altavista.com

    Also my geriatric boxer has exibited some signs of taking off and going into the street if my wife lets her out.  She tells me, “you have to tie the dog up”.  I can let the dog out by saying,”Hey get over there” pointing to the back side of the yard.  Wifey asks me how do you do that.

  2. …was up with all this digital tv hyper-psych it up promo badjazz, but I didn’t take time to think or contemplate about it.  

    Thanks for your thoughts.  

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