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Call to Action: Show There’s No Money in Union Busting

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UPDATE 11:00pm Friday

Moguls Walk From Talks After Issuing An Ultimatum To Writers

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I stole borrowed that title from United Hollywood, the unofficial blog of the WGA writers. I assume you know that TV and movie writers are on strike against the AMPTP, representing the handful of mega-broadcasting/producing corporations which are colluding negotiating in common despite being competitors. The writers, well, want to be paid for their work. Even if it’s shown on them newfangled intertubes. (That’s why we’ve been deprived of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, and why my spoiler thread has changed from “lookie who’s on the TeeVee” to “Solidarity! Frat — uh, Sorority! Gossip!”)

I usually take leisurely three-day weekends off from blogging, but some dramatic new (unpleasant) rumors and an action targeting the Democratic frontrunners lured me away from my lounging couch  housework. Details & links below the fold.

ACTION: get KUCINICH on the rec list at ORANGE: link to rjones2818

let’s get some action and surprise people

get rjones2818’s diary on the rec list at ORANGE. GET DENNIS ON THE REC LIST.

Kucinich for President?  Ignore the Ugh? You Bet! w/poll

No Time Left To Compromise With Evil

Some people believe we shouldn’t complain too loudly, protest too vigorously or argue too passionately – the theory being that if we appear too leftist, too radical or too seriously committed to our beliefs that people who don’t share those beliefs will be offended and therefore unlikely to become seriously committed radical leftists themselves one day.  Well I have big news; those dim bulbs are not likely to ever shine – certainly not in response to our stifling ourselves.  For once, let’s let the smart people have their say. 

If one guy believes in global warming denial, torture, war profiteering, and ripping off the poor and another guy objects to all of these things, then one of these guys is right and one is wrong.  This is not merely a difference this is a distinction.  I’m not saying the latter individual is more human than the former, I’m saying he is a better human…period.


Pony Open Thread: What You Can Do

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Through October 15, I plan to devote my Pony Party slots to support International Blog Action Day and its focus on our environment. I’ve found a sweet site, Save Our Planet Web Ring, that puts into context the everyday ways in which we can impact the earth for good or bad. I will add my own thing to the list of what we can do: simply, to believe that we have the power to make this world more equitable and more just. Jump below the fold… I really like the examples used by this site

International Day of Action for a Free Burma – Today

Burma. We asked you to care. We’re asking again.

As you read, someone lays beaten and bloody for the crime of caring too much, for the sin of fighting with ideas not guns. Imprisoned.

How can they go on without support? Is this asking too much?

If you can spare some time to walk & talk, open your heart & meet me after the jump.

You can save C&J, or you can scroll the page

The netroots are buzzing… A fundraiser is in the works to endow a chair keyboard for The Snarky Bard of Daily Kos, Bill in Portland Maine.

When Bill lost his day job, it seemed certain the netroots would lose ‘Cheers and Jeers,’ that riotous virtual kiddie pool of the intertubes… Farewell to pooties and poochies and rum and cokes and all the snarky goodness that made life in Bushworld slightly more tolerable.

But all is not lost.
Sitting on the rec list at DKos,there’s a diary that leads to the paypal links for donations that will keep BiPM chained to his laptop for as long as we need him.

Give early, give often. Give peas a chance.

Somewhere in Portland Maine, a cabana boy will be smiling.

Investigative Issue Action Blogging: An Intro Diary

Yesterday Armando was blogging about the Netroots being at a crossroads regarding specifically issue action and especially about Iraq, and I proposed a strategy for altering that trajectory called Investigative Issue Action Blogging.  I’d like to flesh out that idea here this morning.

Here’s the basic idea: Create blogposts about specific legislation or actions to be investigated that can be researched collaboratively and acted upon, in order to collectively lobby to move a piece of legislative action forward. This includes nominations (i.e. Attorney General), investigations (i.e. Blackwater or Wiretapping) and legislation (SCHIP, FISA, IRAQ, GLOBAL WARMING on and on and on.)

Iraq Moratorium Almost Live Blog

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that we have the almost live blog up and running.  After your event please come submit a piece at Iraq Moratorium  You can get to the submissions page by clicking on the Read what others have been doing!And don’t forget to add your news!Click here! link.

We would love to hear what you did, how many people were at your event, if you got any media coverage, and of course your pictures, and videos.

Once you submit, one of us will check it over to make sure you aren’t a war monger posting to annoy everyone, and publish it to the blog.


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