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International Day of Action for a Free Burma – Today

Burma. We asked you to care. We’re asking again.

As you read, someone lays beaten and bloody for the crime of caring too much, for the sin of fighting with ideas not guns. Imprisoned.

How can they go on without support? Is this asking too much?

If you can spare some time to walk & talk, open your heart & meet me after the jump.

Myanmar: UN-SC Takes Strong Position

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The UN Security Council met Friday in New York to receive a report from Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari.

Speaking in diplomatic but clear terms, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Gambari denounced the situation in Myanmar warning that sanctions could follow if Myanmar failed to respond quickly and appropriately, urging the Junta to meet with political opposition. Speaking in guardedly optimistic terms, Gambari indicated the Junta was prepared to meet with Aung San Suu Kyi.

Free Burma Day Oct 4 – Please Blog for Freedom

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See Not So Far Away – by Rusty1776

Free Burma!

Make a Difference – Make Yourself Heard – Hit The Icon – Do It Now

ABITSU (All Burma I.T. Students Union) and Free-Burma.ORG have designated October 4 as
Free Burma Day.

The aim is to bring attention to the cause of the Burmese people by channeling global internet traffic for one day to one site to register protest.

Given the role of bloggers in reporting on the situation, international media attention is now focused on the power of blogs so we politely request your support of this action without fail.

Breaking: Coup/Army Mutiny in Myanmar

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Note – as I prepared a previous Diary, I recieved news via Cbox that a coup had been initiated and quickly drafted the following story first posted at Daily Kos you may refer to updates and discussion there.


The dissident website The Burma File in London is reporting news of an Army Mutiny and Political Coup with Than Shwe disposed by No. 2 General Maung Aye.

“Fuck you, army. We only want democracy.”

Myanmar: Junta Cuts The Line, People Crank The Volume Up

Protests turn to hit & run confrontation as people follow monks into the streets

Mayanmar Solders Fire Into Crowd (updated)

Up to 8 killed in Yangon protests, including 1 Japanese national

AP is reporting they were advised by the Japanese Foreign Ministry that Burmese Army solders fired upon a crowd of protestors near the Panzundaun River in East Yangon, Thursday, when they failed to disperse as ordered.

At least one Japanese national was killed in the attack with 7 other deaths (including one Buddhist Monk) reported but unconfirmed. Witness reported 5 men were severly beaten and arrested following the shooting.

Since Saturday, tens of thousands have joined the protests against the military junta, with crowds swelling to an estimated 70,000-100,000 before the shooting.

Tensions have been rising over the past month initially sparked by dissatisfaction with government mandated fuel price increases, but more recently escalated to mass protests by political dissidents, students and Buddhist monks.

Buddhists Protest Peacfully Monday in Defiance of Junta Ban

Over the weekend, sources within the country reported the government had stockpiled sandals and robes worn by devout Buddhists and ordered solders to shave their heads, presumably to infiltrate the protests disguised as monks.

I must add that Burmese people are devoutly Buddhist and monks, which take a vow of poverty and service, occupy a prestigous and influential position in society much as in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Since this story is breaking as I write, I suggest you link directly to the following for the most up to date information:

New York Times
Xinhau EN

Several countries have issued statements condeming the incident and calling for calm.

In Beijing, Thursday, US Undersecretary of State Christopher Hill stated:

“We all need to agree on the fact that the Burmese government has got to stop thinking that this can be solved by police and military, and start thinking about the need for genuine reconciliation with the broad spectrum of political activists in the country.”

In a seperate press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu stated:

“China hopes that all parties in Myanmar exercise restraint and properly handle the current issue so as to ensure the situation there does not escalate and get complicated.”

– snip –

“China expects Myanmar could commit itself to improving the living condition of people, safeguarding the rapprochement among different ethnic groups so to resume peace and stability as soon as possible.”

I would note that Mr. Hill is curently visiting Beijing and reliable sources in China indicate diplomatic pressure on Yangon is intensifying with the US urging China to lead due to it’s more direct ties.

The Myanmar regime, speaking through the mouthpiece New Light of Myanmar continued to underplay the scale of protests and place blame on outsiders, stating, Thrusday:

“Saboteurs from inside and outside the nation and some foreign radio stations, who are jealous of national peace and development, have been making instigative acts through lies to cause internal instability and civil commotion.”

As it is late here in China, I will be out for dinner and checking local sources but try to reply any commets later.

I regret my first topic is a sad one, but let’s hope for the best.


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