International Day of Action for a Free Burma – Today

Burma. We asked you to care. We’re asking again.

As you read, someone lays beaten and bloody for the crime of caring too much, for the sin of fighting with ideas not guns. Imprisoned.

How can they go on without support? Is this asking too much?

If you can spare some time to walk & talk, open your heart & meet me after the jump.

Free Burma – Been There, Done That, Now What?

Thank You. It worked. We got heard. Even small and simple efforts can make a difference if enough people work together and more than 500,000 people from all over the world did just that.

Now It’s Time to Get Counted

Today, October 6, people are marching to protest suppression of dissent in Myanmar and to demonstrate global solidarity with their cause.

The developed world, we who benefit directly or indirectly, willingly or not, from the exploitation of the world’s poor have a special obligation to act.

Today in Asia, we had a very good turnout with people in many cities, people who would normally be reluctant to challenge or make public displays, peacefully marching in force in many cities.

Now I ask you, I beg you, to please do the same. Just report to march and be counted, it’s a simple, simple thing.

I’m afraid I can’t offer very well organized information for each US demonstration, just the following links that can help you find your way.

AVAAZ – Stand With Burma an international site with links for numerous US cities.

US Campaign For Burma a search engine by Postal Code.

I hope you find time to march, it’s vital world leaders see the will of people worldwide to act for the welfare of Burmese people, for all oppressed people.

Thank You One Million Times.

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So simple it’s Child’s Play


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    • koNko on October 6, 2007 at 6:16 pm

    Please just do it.

    Now is the time.

    Please be quick.

    Thank You.

  1. No marches or vigils here or even nearby. I have set up a small alter/display dedicated to those arrested, tortured, killed in this struggle. A display for those who walk by my front yard to see, and to follow up on if they so choose. FREE BURMA! reads my placard and below it sits a figure of Buddha with a candle and flowers surrounding.

    I am now printing out a simple flyer with a brief explanation of what this is about with a list of web sites including those where the petition can be signed.

    It’s what I can do. Even if nobody pays any attention or picks up a flyer, I will have focused on this for this period of time and at least made a difference in my own awareness.

    Thank you koNko for being so instrumental in opening up awareness in so many of us.


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