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Questions about Michigan Veterans Benefits

I have a  disabled friend that was Special Forces in Vietnam, and he has a few questions about his benefits.  

1.  He had heard that Michigan was one of five states who receive lower benefits than the rest of the country and that Obama was planning on evening it out, but he doesn’t know how or when, and would like some details.

2.  When he called the VA trying to find out about the above question, they told him he would get $250.00 extra June 1st, but they couldn’t tell him what it was for, or if it had anything to do with what he called about, so he’s wondering what the $250 is about.

Any help would be appreciated, and Thank You Vets, for all of your service.

Writing in the Raw:You Can Either Laugh or Cry

I’ve always thought of my Dad as two different people.  There was Dad during his drinking years, and Dad after he quit.

He grew up with alcoholic parents.  His father would send him to buy bread, and his mother would make him take it back so she would have money for booze.  He didn’t talk much about his early family life, only about the times he would live with his grandmother on the farm.  Those were happy times for him.  His grandmother loved him well.

My Dad was a real charmer.   Six foot two, sparkling blue eyes, dark hair, and a wicked sense of humor, and grin.  During one period when he was dating my Mom, they had a fight and broke up.  Dad asked another girl to a dance during this time, and then him and Mom got back together.  So Dad, being the honorable soul that he was, took them both to the dance.  🙂

Not long after my 20 year old Dad married my 16 year old, five foot two Mom they moved up to Michigan so he could get into the pipefitters union.   Pretty soon my oldest sister was on the way, and Dad started drinking.  Once he passed out in the hall in front of their apartment.  Mom didn’t want the neighbor kids to see him in the morning, so she kicked the shit out of his ribs to get him up and inside.  He woke up the next day not knowing what he had done to his sides, but they sure hurt.  When they had 3 kids he blew out the pilot light on the oven trying to gas everyone.  Mom packed up the kids and went to the train station.  He came after her, and quit drinking for a little while.

Can we apply to the Hague now?

I’m so pissed.  If you want a well thought out essay, it’s not this one.  

Since the Commander and Thief has vetoed banning waterboarding, can we please ask the Hague for help?

Bush vetoes bill banning waterboarding

CIA needs this kind of ‘valuable’ tool to prevent attacks, Bush says in this AP article

I call bullshit!

President Bush said Saturday he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks.

Tis the Day After Christmas

Tis the Day After Christmas

Tis the day after Christmas and I must confess-

The house is all rumpled–and sure is a mess.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

And now they’re all over the tables and chairs.

The toys-you walk on to get through the house;

The noise sure is somthing-not quiet like the mouse.

The tinsel is crooked, some bulbs just broke;

But keep yourself calm-don’t end up with a stroke.

The children are romping-they play without care-

While I stand here shaking and pulling my hair.

But, there is a blessing-so, be of good cheer;

Christmas is with us — but once each year.


My Uncle Bud

Thank You Everyone, please unrecommend this ESSAY oops

Thank You All for your kind words and wonderful pictures.  This helped make a special day in a troubled world.  Now please unrecommend, so our important essays get the attention they deserve.

I love you all,  Alma

Ponies for Katie

My daughter Kate loves animals and always has.  She’s a vegetarian even.  Every year for her birthday, she asks for a pony.  I told her “yes” this year.  (She’s 24 so, no, she isn’t expecting a real live pony.)  LOL

I thought maybe this year I could get some help from all you kind folk here.  If you have time, and know how, could you post a pony (or really any animal) pic here to help me out?  Birthday wishes are always welcome too.  🙂


Iraq Moratorium Almost Live Blog

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that we have the almost live blog up and running.  After your event please come submit a piece at Iraq Moratorium  You can get to the submissions page by clicking on the Read what others have been doing!And don’t forget to add your news!Click here! link.

We would love to hear what you did, how many people were at your event, if you got any media coverage, and of course your pictures, and videos.

Once you submit, one of us will check it over to make sure you aren’t a war monger posting to annoy everyone, and publish it to the blog.