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How to Stay Warm This Winter ? ? ?

Given you are stuck in your current dwelling for the winter and wish to be warm when it is cold outside…what are the least expensive ways to stay warmer while conserving money? (instead of shelling it out to the heating oil, propane, and natural gas cartels).

Any suggestions please offer with estimated costs so folks can assess what they can do.

The Revolution Flu is Here

Hey have you got this new bug going around? Revolution Flu, they are calling it.

Seems that once you get fully fed up and tired of the rich and greedy lording it over you, buying your politicians, making the laws against you, impoverishing your nation, that you start to show symptoms. Then you need to take a week off to get better.

Starts with a little indignation and moves quickly on to discontent. Blogging alleviates some of the discomfort at first, but then this remedy is found ineffective in the long term. The agents of the disease are too far removed from the petty media stream they call the Intertubes (they pay someone to read for them).

Next thing you know, you have an urge to start quoting historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, The rich and greedy Wall Street overlords and their puppets in Congress and the White House love this part. “How quaint! They are quoting a ***damned piece of paper!”

All Hail The Glorious Bailout Success Evening!

It is with great pride and feelings of intense sentimentally robust patriotic fervor that I call for all loyal citizens to acclaim the achievements of our U.S. Senate.  Without their stout defense of the banking and credit service industries our unprecedented economic recovery cycle about to begin would be in danger of faltering under the attacks of the recidivist lackeys that cling to outmoded theories.

The far-seeing cadres acclaiming the U.S. Senate are not fooled by the blathering traitors who claim to represent “The People”. It is of course expected and no doubt necessary that the Senators require no less than full reward for their labors, suitable to their vast personal wealth and complementary to their immunity from prosecution. How excellent in foresight were the Framers of our U.S. Constitution, and how flexible and creative our U.S. Senate in interpreting this historical legacy so that their wisdom shone in passing a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives had done so! Not limited by law or custom our intrepid Senators blazed a fiery path across the financial firmament, guaranteeing their lobbyist contributions for ages to come while securing the hard-earned billions of our bold Business Leadership in Wall Street. Truly we can marvel at the sagacity and sheer endurance of their quest for riches and luxuries under such strains as have been precipitated by the crafty and vile homeowners who have forsaken their mortgage obligations.

And so we must all hail the glorious bailout success evening and register our dismay at the critics of this noble Senatorial undertaking to rescue all that they hold dear: their flatulent and corpulent asses that crush the backs of the working poor.


BUHDY ! ! ! !



It took 4 years.

BUT WE WON ! ! !

Woo hoo!

More Bigger Crimes Faster

Random thoughts on a Monday night…

Since impeachment is off the table, and Congress is out to lunch on its oversight responsibilities, the Rethuglican BOMIC is shoveling as much money as it can down its gaping maw. Printing money to bail out Wall Street. Allowing Big Oil to propagandize the public into thinking drilling is the answer to their greedy price gouging. Allowing the Defense Dept. free rein to the Treasury for no apparent gain. Meanwhile the local police become more SWAT-like and wanna-be Rainbow 6 geared-out, Tasering the disabled and elderly for not being subservient and craven when stopped for no reason and harassed. Clockwork Orange time. WHo ever expected a fatality rate for going through airport security?

If you think Iraq is going to stay stable after US troops leave in 2010, 2011,2012, 2025, 2050, I’ve got news for you. People in that part of the world have Saturday night knife fights about things that happened 1300 years ago.

The budget and the currency are kaput. Billions on biodefense pork for big pharma and universities while the alleged Amerithrax terrorist was a US biodefense scientist.

Nothing is in the way of these trends. More broke. More totalitarian. Tell me I’m wrong, show me how Obama or anybody else is going to stop the lobbyist – Defense Dept. Corporate Intelligence Surveillance Society from ruling behind the scenes.

Who can call an oversight hearing when “the past is past” becomes the mantra once the elections are over?

How can the rule of law be real in this kind of political frame?

Inconstant Sun

Howdy, buckaroos. Finally got some time here, after way too long. Got a little hail and snow the other morning, been a chilly spring. Thought I would ramble on a little about this here planet we got, and climate, and energy.

The sun is for the most part blank. Only a small magnetic signature remains from the small sunspot that formed.

How I Will Spend My Tax Rebate

I’m scheduled to get $2700 by electronic deposit some time in the next two weeks. I’ve already got most of it spent. Had this list of stuff I’ve been meaning to get for the longest time and some long overdue recreational activities to fund…

How Obama Will Screw Up as President

This diary will attempt to detail how Obama will screw up as President.

Think before you vote, people!

Read before you comment, too! 😉

(X-posted at that Other Place)

And I am an undecided voter…

You Will Vote for Clinton and Like It

Hi, I am Hilary Clinton. You will vote for me and you will like it. Why can’t you people just do what you are told? As if we haven’t gone to enough trouble without you crazy lefties voting for Obama. Get a grip, you wild-eyed suckers. Who do you think is going to be running Congress if, as in your wildest dreams, Obama wins the general? Heh heh heh. I’ll be the Senate Majority Leader, and Rahm Emanuel will be House Majority Leader. We will keep Pantsuit Nancy around for photo-ops, but Rahm and I will be calling the shots. And we’ll make sure none of this lunatic Obama agenda of Change and Hope blather does any damage to what really matters in this great Country:

Me. Bill. Our Legacy. Our storm-tossed Love Story. And a smoothly functioning Empire, secret police, and military-industrial-petroleum complex. After all, they pay my bills, sweethearts. Got to dance to their tune, now don’t we? The problem with Obama is he doesn’t owe anybody anything. And that makes the Powers That Be nervous. They don’t have a handle on the guy. He can do whatever he wants, without paying homage to any special interest.

And we can’t have that.

(Cross-posted at the Orange Vortex of Venomous Diatribe and Scathing Insult)

Dharmathon 2 ! ! !

Calling all Dharmateers!

The Time Has Come Again.

The Call Has Gone Out and Shall Not Go Unanswered!

Welcome to Dharmathon 2, where you are the star.

You! Yes you, you bioquantum computing sentient amalgam of water and carbon and nitrogen and heavy metals spawned in supernovae of eons past…the Universe was designed to bring you to this moment….to this virtual place, where the I meets the Thou in a Raucous Volleyball Mud-slinging and Daquiri Party of Epic Proportions, Now with Extra Karma!

And All We Ask Is This:

See that biggish oval yellowy-orange lozenge on the right? No silly, the one on the screen. The one that says “Donate”.

Click it!

Thank you very much.

Can’t afford to donate?

Leave a comment describing the worst thing or the best thing you ever bought for a buck.

Keep it clean, skinflints.

Off Drugs, Still Being Tortured

[If you want to understand this diary, read this one first…

I am no longer on legally prescribed painkillers. They did not work very well. Over the counter ibuprofen seems to be more effective.

However I am still being tortured in my own home by a fiendish therapeutic robot that I am convinced has a plan for world hegemony.

I’m on Drugs and Being Tortured

The title of this diary is true. I am on drugs and being tortured. This is due to the fact that I am one lucky bastard, in that I have decent health insurance. Read on, I will attempt to be entertaining.

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