Dharmathon 2 ! ! !

Calling all Dharmateers!

The Time Has Come Again.

The Call Has Gone Out and Shall Not Go Unanswered!

Welcome to Dharmathon 2, where you are the star.

You! Yes you, you bioquantum computing sentient amalgam of water and carbon and nitrogen and heavy metals spawned in supernovae of eons past…the Universe was designed to bring you to this moment….to this virtual place, where the I meets the Thou in a Raucous Volleyball Mud-slinging and Daquiri Party of Epic Proportions, Now with Extra Karma!

And All We Ask Is This:

See that biggish oval yellowy-orange lozenge on the right? No silly, the one on the screen. The one that says “Donate”.

Click it!

Thank you very much.

Can’t afford to donate?

Leave a comment describing the worst thing or the best thing you ever bought for a buck.

Keep it clean, skinflints.

Background: The Original Dharmathon

Short Version of Essay: Click Donate and send a buck. Thanks! Can’t donate? Wish us well, and thanks for that.

Long version of Essay:

I get this cryptic comment from Hisself in one of my infrequent of late essays, and real quick like I try to figure out what it means.

I narrowed it down to two choices:

1) It is now time to hold another Dharmathon because freaking buhdydharma is hurting for daily bread to keep this site going, and Lord knows, we are all in the same spot from time to time if not all the time or most of the time, and him with a blog to keep up too!

2) It is time for me to overthrow the government due to something that happened that buhdy thinks merits my overthrowing the government (noviolently, of course). This is because I have solemnly promised to refuse overthrow the government (nonviolently) unless absolutely necessary, and just because I have been preoccupied lately is no excuse to shirk my obligations as a citizen, and if buhdy thinks “it is time” then I’d better check the go-bag and kiss Mrs. Spoon goodbye because it will be a long weekend.

Choice 2 entered my mind first. “Shit”, I said to myself. “What a lousy time to have to overthrow the government.” Then I figured it out. I think.

Choice 1 means time to do another Dharmathon. It means write something mildly diverting and persuasively offensive while remaining true to the buhdy nature, which has something to do with ponies, if I had to guess.

It means getting the readership of this Very Nice Place to cough up a buck or two to Keep the Dream Alive.

Do you disagree with much of what you read here? Join the club. So do I. Profoundly. Some of what I write I disagree with completely, as a matter of fact. I do that which I would not do for reasons I do not understand. All. Too. Often.

But Buhdy still lets me post. And he lets you post too.

That’s It!  

Donate, Suckas!

Pony Up, People!

Be a Sustaining Force for Unity and Truth and Goodness and Beauty by parting with some of your cold hard cash.

Disclaimer: This Place Ain’t Mine. I don’t know this Buhdydharma guy, if I did I’d deny him three times before the cock crows, and if I met him on the road I’d probably kill him. I don’t get any money from Dharmathon. I get these ethereal doodads called BuhdyBucks. As soon as someone overthrows a government and starts printing them, I’ve got the market cornered.

So I got that going for me.

Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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  1. Or is it “Yippi ki yah, m*%&#$f(^$k)r. time?

    You decide.

  2. Thanks spoon….yer ponies in the mail.

    Hopefully soon my quarterly satellite payment will be too!

    One rule, folks! Don’t give what you can’t afford…that would make me feel bad…..and then I would have to ban spoon for writing this. You don’t want that on your conscience, now do you?

  3. the kid has my visa card to buy a dress tomorrow.  she mumbled something about a ‘spring fling’, somebody named ‘ben’, and something about ‘stupid fricking hip-hop music’.  im guessing the ‘punch and pie’ is implied…

    when she returns with it tomorrow, (and depending on the dent she has put in it), i’d be more than happy to ‘dharmathon’ with you…

  4. $25 I don’t have to a candidate primarying my current rep.  I still don’t have it. 🙁

    On the positive side, I’m volunteering for the campaign.  Might only be for an hour every couple days, but I gotta pay that $25 pledge somehow. 😉

    • KrisC on February 24, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    but $10 bucks is what I gotsssss!

    And for good luck, I leave you with a little….


  5. There are a lot of us.  Buhdy probably knows the exact number.    At this instant there are 17 on line.  A few of us might be able to put some serious zeros on their contributions (2 or 3 zeroes would be pretty serious), but that would be so retro.  And so old school.  And so anti democratic.  This is, after all, the Intertubes.  If each of us, or many, many of us puts up a little bit, you know, $5, $10, $20, $50 in no time at all there will be a big pile of money, and none of the donors (that would be us donating) will really feel it in a harsh and constricting way.

    $10 is what it costs, for example, for 3+ gallons of gas, one budget car wash, 2 veinte soy half caff lattes with no foam, 1 glass of chardonnay (if you’re very lucky), 2 beers (with tiny inadequate tip for bartender), 1 margarita (cheap tequila only), a bagel with a shmere and coffee.  I could continue this list.  But my point is: isn’t docuDharma worth at least that?

    Does this sound like NPR?  No. I won’t pluck the strings of guilt.  That would be too old school even for me.

  6. That’s Maureen O’Hara and Charles Laughton in the 1939 “Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

  7. felt compelled to donate just to make up for being highly annoying ….. Probably was not enough when that is taken into account.

  8. Yes I do plan to send a donation.  I do have to wait for those black helicopters to abate and psychically time the event when the NSA guys are at coffee break.  Peace.

  9. MasterCard and I wish you well  😉

    And Spoon, thanks for reminding us!  You done good, now go

    and overthrow the government please.

    • Valtin on February 25, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Re effectiveness of this post: it got me to send a donation. FYI

  10. Big thanks to all contributors and well wishers and spoooooon!   We’re near $300 now – fantastic!  I’ll post another update and a more formal thank you in the next day or so. Just wanted to say how much I love this community!

    mwah!  Love You!


  11. and happy to do it.

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