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Las Noticias

There is no longer a free press in Mexico. The Supreme Court just legitimized threats and torture against journalists who challenge entrenched politicians. Lydia exposed a pedophile ring that was linked with the state government and then was kidnapped, threatened with rape and death and the Supreme Court has given her the finger. It’s so dangerous in Mexico to be a journalist, anyway. This same court installed Calderón.

The judges ruled 6 to 4 against the journalist, Lydia Cacho, despite an investigation by one of them that concluded that at least 30 public officials, among them Gov. Mario Marín of Puebla State, had conspired to harass her.…

I Mean What I Say

And I said what I meant. I posted a diary last night at the Orange Satan site doing the very narcissistic adios thing. So, does any one here want to talk about Latin American issues, immigration and the assorted idiocies involved in such discussions? Are enough people interested if I were to post a semi regular diary on LA topics?