I Mean What I Say

And I said what I meant. I posted a diary last night at the Orange Satan site doing the very narcissistic adios thing. So, does any one here want to talk about Latin American issues, immigration and the assorted idiocies involved in such discussions? Are enough people interested if I were to post a semi regular diary on LA topics?  

And it wasn’t just the nastiness of the cantidate diaries that made me leave DKos, it was the willingness..no eagerness..of the supporters to exploit the immigration issue to benefit their cantidate of choice.

So Here I Am!


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  1. I’m interested.

  2. I left you a message over there in your diary telling you about this place, but see that you’ve been a member longer than I have! D’oh!

    Yes, please do start a regular series on immigration and Latino issues. I’m a gringa, but live very close to the border and would like to contribute to the conversation as best I can.

    • RiaD on November 22, 2007 at 1:54 am

    & yes, I’d like to see LA essays, because we need to work towards fair trade & equality for everyone on the planet, LA is our neighbor, we should care what happens there.

    {{{*{mariachi mama}*}}}welcome

  3. … as you well know.

    And I think it would be so helpful to discuss the problems of blogging about this issue at Daily Kos and come up with some real tools to use in this challenge (cause I’m getting exhausted by the resistance, too).

    You are one of the best bloggers I’ve read on this, MM.  Your comments are always spot on and your understanding of this issue is completely open, honest, compassionate and sensible.

    Duke wrote up the masterpiece … now we have to figure out how to apply it.

    I’m in!

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  5. We don’t know each other because its been MANY years since I hung out at kos – but I’m very interested in talking about solutions to the immigration issue.

    I’m wondering if you saw Kyle’s diary over at Citizen Orange a couple of weeks ago, The Times They Are A-Changin’: Establishment Democrats Fall. He sounded so hopeful that the big blogs were starting to come around. Pipe dream??

    • pfiore8 on November 22, 2007 at 2:15 am


    • Robyn on November 22, 2007 at 2:23 am

    I’ll admit that my interest rests mostly in multilingualism.  I jump on “English Only” crap faster than I do the “Coulter is tranny” business.

    But as Fate would have it, I now work at a college with a sizable Hispanic student population.  I wish we had more Hispanic faculty.  Professor Littleoldman, from Ecuador and a professor of Finance, had to retire a year ago because of Alzheimer’s.  So that leaves a biology professor from Peru (it was her baby shower I was at last Sunday) and our new English professor, who I haven’t gotten to know that well yet.


    • srkp23 on November 22, 2007 at 3:03 am

    Yours is an important voice. I always dig your contributions and I was sad to see your GBCW. It’s definitely a loss to dK, but I’m thrilled you’ll continue to blog here!

    So put me down in the “Yes, I’m interested!” column. 🙂

  6. of what drives me nuts at DKos about immigration and primaries..I won’t keep beating this particular drum, because it’s pointless and boring but read and weep:


    My particular criticism is that  some commenters think that the US has the cojones or desire to force Mexico to provide more opportunities for her citizens..Jesus, don’t these people have a clue about history? The US has benefited enormously on the backs of millions of peasants from Mexico and Central America, and when it turns around a bites America in the ass, they cry foul.  

  7. immigration in a civilized way without somebody interjecting that “send them all home” stupidity. As somebody who has lived in Latin America I say, adelante!

    • Alma on November 22, 2007 at 3:40 am

    I find this site to be much more respectful of each others ideas than most sites.  There’s a genuine feeling of love and caring for ALL.

    I’m not real knowledgeable on detailed immigration issues, but I definitely don’t think locking people up, and sending them back is the answer.  I think we need to fix the deeper problems that cause it, that I am just beginning to grasp.  

    • mango on November 22, 2007 at 4:31 am

    I knew this is where you were going.  You know where I am on the issue so count me in.

    I came sooo close to emailing you today.

  8. Don’t do it. Please. The candidate diaries suck. But pico’s literature for kossacks and unitary moonbat’s history for kossacks and winter rabbit’s first nations diaries, and so, so many other diaries that are so important and interesting… Gah! I’m not even writing sentences anymore.

    Please, don’t go.

  9. must have diaries

  10. people who have been posting about Latin America have now migrated here?  And without a visa?  Y sin papeles?  How wonderful! I’m delighted.  And to have more Latin American content would be so great!  Something more for me to have thanks for today.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. We need your voice to help counteract the boboaks of the world. I have been a little busy recently got a new red bike and a new redhead in the last month so my blogging time has dropped dramatically but the fight has to go on.

    I may have to spend more time here I guess, a regular series on the LA issues in the border regions would be a great contribution.

    How is Tabasco doing, the news has totally forgotton here and I was reminded in a Food City store by their donation drive. Hopefully the Mexican version of FEMA is doing a better job than ours did.

    Hope to see more diaries from you here.

    Also I have spread the word to all I know about the building boom. Good luck and see you here.

  12. writing in ingles y en espanol?  My HS Spanish and a college Latin lit. course never were enough for me to stay in practice, and the little bit I used as a nurse wasn’t incredibly helpful, either, to be better at conversation. I find most spoken Spanish a bit too fast for me to follow, nowadays.

    I’d eat up essays that were bilingual, and I hope I’m not the only one.  (Same for anyone who is bilingual in any language, just in case someone would like to let loose a little greek, chinese, sanskrit, tagalog, arabic, etc.)

    I don’t know your work, MM, and I’m glad to meet you here!

  13. For myself, I think much of the talk by both Democrats and Republicans is blatant racism.  

    Of interest maybe is a somewhat analogous situation between Nicas and Ticos – Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans.

    Nicaragua has suffered from all manner of disasters, from terrible governments to war to disasters and calamities that have left it only ahead of Haiti.

    Nicaraguans migrate to Costa Rica in search of jobs.  They do not face penalties for crossing into Costa Rica but do endure terrific hardship and mistreatment.

    Even in that case the color of skin plays a role.

    I would tear down the fences but that brings up a whole new set of questions that I would wish you could address if you will as you will.

    Best,  Terry

  14. Everybody study up on El Salvador because I smell a rat.

    I have been deeply concerned about the nature of the founder in regard to his effect on the Democratic party and – if you follow that thread down, I find it erodes politics, society, and social nuance to posit dialogue neatly splitting US doings into a strict axiom of “liberal/conservative,” neither label ever perfectly consonant with most of our thoughts.  I hate the erosion of social nuance in such stereotypes and believe nothing has done more to castrate the Democratic party and overall public discourse.

    After carefully examining other comments I’ll be back – probably later.  Personally, (((((((Mariachi Mama,))))) I can’t give you enough kudos for cutting loose.  I’m not even going to study the entrails of the diary over there.  Nuff said.

    • Sidof79 on November 23, 2007 at 3:46 pm

    I live about an hour away from Spring Hill, Tennessee, which use to house a gigantic Saturn plant.  I say used to, because now the Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is run by a skeleton crew, because major operations have been moved…to Mexico.

    All this fury about the browns coming north taking jobs away from poor white people, why is there no fury about rich white people taking jobs away from poor white people and taking them south?

    If the Saturn plant had been operated by hundreds of “Illegals” it would have been all over the news.  Moving plants to Mexico, or anywhere else, to take advantage of cheaper labor and laxer labor laws?  No problem…just as long as we don’t have to see the brown people in our schools and hospitals.

    I shouldn’t be this grumpy this morning…but, you know.

    • pico on November 23, 2007 at 6:21 pm

    the last thing dkos needs is less coverage of immigration issues.  The readership here’s a little smaller, but people do pay attention to everything that gets posted.  Are you planning on doing something like your old Mexico news roundup?

    • eugene on November 23, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    If you’re writing here, especially on Latin American issues.

    dKos has had its ugly immigrant-bashing contingent for years, and while I used to think they were but a small and obnoxious fringe, you have a good point about the 2008 election perhaps giving them a prominence and a soapbox they may not have previously had.

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