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There is no longer a free press in Mexico. The Supreme Court just legitimized threats and torture against journalists who challenge entrenched politicians. Lydia exposed a pedophile ring that was linked with the state government and then was kidnapped, threatened with rape and death and the Supreme Court has given her the finger. It’s so dangerous in Mexico to be a journalist, anyway. This same court installed Calderón.

The judges ruled 6 to 4 against the journalist, Lydia Cacho, despite an investigation by one of them that concluded that at least 30 public officials, among them Gov. Mario Marín of Puebla State, had conspired to harass her.…

Labor activism

A four-month strike at Grupo Mexico’s giant Cananea copper mine is bogged down in a complex legal dispute and could go on into 2008, slowing investment in new projects, the company said on Wednesday.

The strike, which started on July 30, will cut Grupo Mexico’s total 2007 copper output by about 10 percent and is costing the company around $2.8 million a day in lost sales, international relations head Juan Rebolledo said.

“This could drag on,” Rebolledo told Reuters in an interview. “The legal processes are very slow and complicated.”…

All sugar production has been shut down, in preperation for the vast influx of US subsidised sugar when all tariffs are gone under NAFTA on January 1.…

Popocateptl is not happy.…



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  1. is Carlyle BTW.  

  2. It was one thing to run a leftist gonzo newspaper in Mexico under Fox, but Calderon was a totally different story.

    And I was even a well-known PANista, but I still had to split the country.

    Sadly, our free press here is corporately controlled, instead of politically controlled, but it’s hard to tell the difference.

    I am glad I am not longer running a newspaper there, no longer have to look over my shoulders in cantinas.

    I am glad the copper miners are striking, they were mining with 1800s technology, I saw that myself.

    As for the sugar, expect the usual protests, like a tea party with sugar. I know Veracruz is pissed as shit about that, and that’s the port it will come in. Should be interesting.

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    seems to be blowing its top.  I can relate to that.

    • nocatz on December 3, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    also owns mines in the U.S.

    from ’05

    Grupo had tried to get the union to accept cut in benefits and stuff, but finally caved because the copper boom was heating up and accepted the same contract.  Not sure what’s going on there now.  

    Union members at Asarco Inc.’s copper operations in Arizona and Texas announced this week they are preparing for a possible strike. They also joined an environmental group June 2 in filing a notice of intent to sue the Tucson-based mining company for faulty reporting of toxic emissions.

    The union, the United Steelworkers of America, has also organized with miners’ unions in Mexico and Peru a “Day of Global Solidarity” June 21 to call attention to what they deem unfair labor practices by Asarco and its parent company, Grupo Mexico.


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