Tis the Day After Christmas

Tis the Day After Christmas

Tis the day after Christmas and I must confess-

The house is all rumpled–and sure is a mess.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

And now they’re all over the tables and chairs.

The toys-you walk on to get through the house;

The noise sure is somthing-not quiet like the mouse.

The tinsel is crooked, some bulbs just broke;

But keep yourself calm-don’t end up with a stroke.

The children are romping-they play without care-

While I stand here shaking and pulling my hair.

But, there is a blessing-so, be of good cheer;

Christmas is with us — but once each year.


My Uncle Bud


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    • Alma on December 26, 2007 at 15:06

    was quite a character.  He really deserves an essay just on him sometime.

    The most important thing he taught me was to never put someone down, unless you had walked in their shoes.

    • RiaD on December 26, 2007 at 15:13


    & thank you for sharing!

    • Robyn on December 26, 2007 at 15:16

    We are…how to put it…estranged.

  1. STILL no baby either to add to this mess.  Baby’s come and go on baby time darn it!  Particularly those first borners.

    • kj on December 26, 2007 at 16:49

    Spent several days with my rightwing christian conservatives in-laws and have mostly lost the power of speech.  Stayed calm enough not to physically hurt anybody, but made a few choice and forceful comments. Raised blood pressure kept my face red for days on end.

    Did I mention I boycotted the holidays with this family for two years running?  I shouldn’t have gone this year, either.

    Oh well.  Sometimes they surprise me with their growth. Not this time.

    • feline on December 26, 2007 at 17:28

    And, guess what?

    Yep…I have an Uncle Bud, too, LOL!

  2. Uncle Bud sure knew how to sum it up.

    I don’t have an Uncle named Bud!

    I don’t have an Uncle!

  3. the day after! Thanks for making me laugh!!

    This year I managed to completely avoid the madness — no presents, no decorations, no family dinners — and it was great!! Well, maybe not great, but tolerable. Plus, I didn’t have to feel like a horrible person for not going back to Michigan, which I don’t plan to do again until hell freezes over. So it was win-win this year!!    

  4. …it’s a good one.  

    My relatives, unlike some referenced here, while tending to the right wing, don’t, y’know, talk about it.  Talking about it is rude.  They will laugh at snark — even very, very liberal snark — and see the truth of it.  Nobody riffs on immigrants or the poor, and one can discuss the state of the world, books read, disaster capitalism and so on.  But it won’t change their vote.  That’s a matter of class, and not to be discussed with any urgency.  Ever.

    Was a very good Christmas in Jessicaland, actually.      

  5. but I remember the chaos and debris. What a strange ritual the American Christmas is. A capitalist retail wet dream, combined with forced bonhomie as relatives try to merge their various branches into each others version of what this holiday means. Ho,Ho, Ho. The brotherly love part lost as the drinks and eggnog starts flowing. Now it’s my kids turn to wake up to chaos and frenzied kids.    

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