Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Seahawks at Cowboys

Not even close. ‘Boys fans are about the rudest people in the world, trooping into Bars and behaving scandalously even (or especially) when the home team is the opponent. The only thing that can shut them up is to get an enormous 1st Quarter lead. Then they get sullen and resentful and drink heavily, leaving (with any luck at all) at the Half so normal people can enjoy the rest of the game.

And you may ask, “ek, haven’t you rooted for a foreign team while on the road?”

Of course, constantly. I have the good sense to do so quietly, in the corner, not decked out in franchise gear, loudly, in everyone’s face, nor am I as insistent, if baited into conversation, that my team is ‘Murika’s team and to root for someone else means you’re a Communist.

Perish the thought. I’m an Anarcho-Syndicalist. We kick Commie butt.

Speaking of the Left Coast, nothing wrong with the Seahawks other than an unhealthy obsession with coffee. They’re built to win on the road with a solid rushing offense and a Super Bowl winning Quarterback as well as an aggressive defense.

So I think the Seahawks will beat the ‘Boys and there’s nothing I like better than kicking some Texas ass (unless they’re playing Quislings like the Bolts).


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