Occupy Wall Street Saturday 10.08.11

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

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They are in process of making this list.THEY WANT YOUR INPUT (YOU as in EVERYbody)

There are instructions to give your opinion/additions/suggestions to this.

There is a team of lawyers working on this (pro-bono) & tweaking this ALL the time.  

GO! make your voice heard!!

ATTEND TODAY: Second General Assembly Of Manhattan Meets At 3PM In Washington Square Park – Anti-Flag To Play A Set In Solidarity at Liberty Square

PARTICIPATE: Locate Occupy Events in YOUR area

TURN ON LIVE STREAM: open a tab for Live Stream- Global Revolution

SIGN PETITION: AVAAZ: The World vs Wall Street

SIGN PETITION: Credo: Stand with Occupy Wall Street


(for more info see “Petitions” below)

**WEAR/DISPLAY 99% SCHWAG: blogger Eileen B‘s CafePress store

SHARE A RIDE: Are you going to an Occupy event & have room in your car? Do you want to go but have no ride?

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Occupy Together Meetups

in 1002 cities as of 10.08.11 at 11:30am EDT

Occupy Together is creating an Occupy Directory

make sure YOUR Occupy Group is listed!

First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


Occupy Wall Street Organization  

Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly– updates on progress OWS Protest, lists of needed items, addresses to send them

Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly Minutes

Occupy Together– info on Occupy Actions in every area of the country…& the world!

Occupy the Nation, We ARE the 99%– event listings, live streams, news & updates, resources, event flyers

Occupy Colleges– Campuses nationwide joining in protest.

Links to US & WorldWide Occupation Events & Solidarity Accounts– event, email & twitter info


Occupy Wall St.    Occupy Together    Occupy Wall Street West    Occupy Colleges

DKos: Directory of Facebook Occupy Event Pages


Demonstrator’s ManualPrint This Out, Carry It With You

Civil Disobedience Indexlessons in how to Participate in a Nonviolent Action All are pertinent to Occupying.

ACLU AffiliatesThere are in EVERY State and Puerto Rico & will handle requests for legal assistance.

Know Your RightsPrintable list to take with you/distribute to Protesters

Civil Rights Lawyers by Locationfind one before you go, write down the name & number on your arm

(often all your belongings will be taken from you)

Occupy Wall Street NEWSPAPER, MEDIA

from We Occupy America: Occupation Times Newspaper!


DONATE to: Occupy Wall Street Media and/or We Are The Other 99% Media Fund

This money will go towards the batteries for the cameras, the Live Streaming, food for these people who are volunteering their time to bring YOU the news as it unfolds


Live Stream- Global Revolution


Occpy Atlanta  *  Occupy Baltimore  *  Occupy Boston  *  Occupy Chicago  *  Occupy Dallas   *  Occupy DC  *  OWS Los Angeles  *  Occupy Portland  *  Occupy Salt Lake City  *  Occupy Seattle


Plutocracy Files Guardian’s Adam Gabbett TheNation’s Greg Mitchell DKos’ joanneleon

Dissenter- Kevin Gosztola

MOST UP-TO-DATE INFO/ARTICLEs (imho) check frequently, updated continually

Huffington Post OWS Section    The Guardian OWS Section    Aljazeera OWS Section    RawStory OWS Section    Teamster Nation OWS articles    DocuDharma Live Stream & Links    DKos OWS Mothership

DONATIONs (this is ONLY for Occupy Wall Street in NYC)


Virtual Address: Please indicate “Occupy wall street” in the memo line.

   Alliance for Global Justice

   1247 “E” Street, SE

   Washington, DC 20003

Or CALL at 202-544-9355 to make a telephone donation.

To Snail Mail ITEMs:

Please see the twitter-feed list of needs (scroll down a bit) You can also send MONEY ORDERS.


118 A Fulton St #205

NY NY 10038

To Send FOOD:

These wonderful restaurants will deliver to Zuccotti Liberty Park:

** Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options.

Panini & Co 115 Broadway:;  Lemongrass Grill;  Tolache Taqueria

 Liberatos Pizza – order the “Occu-pie”

Please order vegan or non-meat pizzas 🙂

Other local business that deliver

HISTORY of Occupy Wall Street

Anonymous joins Occupy Wall Street (09.10.11) (video HERE)

Adbusters original call to Occupy Wall Street (07.13.11)

Time Line of Occupy Wall Street (wiki)

(logos are clickable, link to official statements or articles)


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Jeff Mangum of band Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer, Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), Eliot Spitzer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Reps. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), Caucus Chairman John Larson (Conn.), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y., Howard Dean; Michael Franti; Rep. Peter DeFazio; Richard Wolff at OWS; Stuart Appelbaum, President Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU);  Peter Yarrow;  Bernie Sanders;  San Francisco District Supervisor & Mayoral Candidate John Avalos;  Kansas State Rep. Marci Francisco;  Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz & economic columnist Jeff Madrick;  Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin & Yoko Ono tweet support;  Russell Simmons;  Rapper Lupe Fiasco;  Roseanne Barr;  Regina Spektor, singer;  Van Jones;  New York City Councilman Charles Barron;  Michael Moore;  Cornell West;  Susan Sarandon;  Noam Chomsky


*OpenSalon: Jimmy Mattocks: Occupy Wall Street & Reaction to The Gilded Age (10.07.11)

*OpenSalon: Jimmy Zuma: Do Occupy Wall Street’s critics have a point? (10.07.11)

*Salon: Justin Elliott: Occupy Wall Street: A historical perspective (10.07.11)

*FDL: David Dayen: Bloomberg Says Don’t Fight Wall Street or the City Workers Get It (10.07.11)

*Ignoring Asia: ‘Occupy Wall Street’: A Media Blackout? (10.08.11)

*HuffingtonPost: Lawrence Lessig: #OccupyWallSt v2: What Cross-Partisanship Must Mean

*FDL: David Dayen: Obama on Bank Prosecutions: They Did Nothing Illegal, Only Found Loopholes That We Worked to Close (10.06.11) – (herein lies the problem)

*DailyNews: Jimmy Breslin: Occupy Wall Street protests: The ‘Have Nothings’ have something special: A strong & unified voice (10.06.11)

A repeated listing but this mans writing is spectacular. For more than 40 years, Breslin worked to get the voices of working people into the stories and columns he wrote for various newspapers and magazines, most famously with his story about the guy who dug JFK’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

*PIXIQ: Carlos Miller: New Video Shows Increasing Aggressions At Occupy Wall Street Protests

*AlterNet: Joshua Holland: #OccupySF “Crushed”? What I Read on Twitter Didn’t Quite Match What I Saw (10.06.11)

*TruthDig: David Sirota: Stopping The Insanity (10.06.11)

*TruthDig: E.J. Dionne, Jr.: The Week Politics Changed (10.06.11)

*TruthDig: Scott Tucker: Long Live the American Revolution (10.08.11)

*Truthdigger of the Week: Jesse LaGreca (aka Ministry of Truth)

Nation of Change: Richard Wolff: The Truth About “Class War” In America (10.06.11)

Nation of Change: Tony Pugh: Demonstrators Protest War, Wall Street in Nations Capital (10.07.11)

Nation of Change: Kanya D’Almeida: “Leaderless” Protest Movement Continues To Snowball (10.07.11)

Nation of Change: Make Work Pay Us- CEO Pay vs The Rest of Us (10.07.11)

The Nation: Naomi Klein: Will Occupy Wall Street Mark the Rebirth of the Left? (10.07.11)

CAF: Richard (RJ) Eskow: Here’s Occupy Wall Street’s “One Demand”: Sanity (10.03.11)

The Tyee: Sam Eifling: Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn Talks About OccupyWallStreet (10.07.11)

CNN: Kevin Voigt: Beyond Wall Street: ‘Occupy’ protests go global (10.07.11)


OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

At 3 PM, the occupation expands to Washington Square Park LINK #ows

42 minutes ago (10.08.11 appx 11:42am EDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

@jopauca Joshua Paul

@NaomiAKlein : Lets treat #OccupyWallStreet as if this is the most important thing in the world because it is. (#OWS cheers and applauds)

5 minutes ago via Twitter for Android (10.06.11 6:27pm EDT)


AVAAZ: The World vs Wall Street

To fellow citizens occupying Wall Street and peoples protesting across the world:

   We stand with you in this struggle for real democracy. Together we can end the capture and corruption of our governments by corporate and wealthy elites, and hold our politicians accountable to serve the public interest. We are united – the time for change has come!

Credo Action: Stand with Occupy Wall Street

“Not a single banker has gone to jail and yet over 1,000 protesters have been arrested. I stand with the protesters of Occupy Wall Street, and I demand that the NYPD respect their constitutional right to peaceful assembly.”

Get Money Out

It’s Time to GET MONEY OUT of politics

Bailouts. War. Unemployment. Our government is bought, and we’re angry. Now, we’re turning our anger into positive action. By signing this petition, you are joining our campaign to get money out of politics. Our politicians won’t do this. But we will. We will become an unrelenting, organized wave advocating a Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.

As the petition grows, the wave grows.  Email, Facebook, Tweet — GET MONEY OUT.  We are using The Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, and our ability to influence other media outlets as a platform to force this issue to the center of the 2012 elections. Join us.

From our former Washington Lobbyist, Jimmy Williams, here is a DRAFT of our Constitutional Amendment for public debate this fall:

“No person, corporation or business entity of any type, domestic or foreign, shall be allowed to contribute money, directly or indirectly, to any candidate for Federal office or to contribute money on behalf of or opposed to any type of campaign for Federal office. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, campaign contributions to candidates for Federal office shall not constitute speech of any kind as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or any amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Congress shall set forth a federal holiday for the purposes of voting for candidates for Federal office.”


frandor: Occupy Boise Idaho

DKos: Stand Strong: Photos (heavy) From #OccupyPhiladelphia: Day 1+

DKos: Land of Enchantment: Signs of the Times: Occupy Nashville

MSNBC: Photoblog: Anti-Wall Street protesters gain support nationwide

**Tauntr: Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent

We Are the 99 Percent (bring tissues!)


Official Occupy Wall Street Flicker Photos (ALL from people THERE)


Occupy Sarasota

RT: Unions join w/ Occupy Wall St. and interview w/kossack janosnation

Occupy Dallas

Bill Maher: Alan Grayson (D) P.J. O’Rourke (R)

(somebody let me know if this can’t be seen)

RT: Anthony Randazzo: Bailout for the American People?

RT: Occupy DC Protesters, Speak Out

RT: Chris Hedges: No way in US system to vote against banks

Congressman John Lewis at Occupy Atlanta

Steve Jobs & Occupy Wall Street

Keith Olbermann reads The Statement from Occupy Wall Street as the Special Comment


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    • RiaD on October 8, 2011 at 18:15

    • RiaD on October 8, 2011 at 21:44
  1. Having a wee problem though!  It concerns “READ Occupy Wall Street LIST OF DEMANDS!  VOTE BEFORE OCT. 20th”

    My problem concerns the following statement by Coup Media Corps:

    First of all. There are no Official Demands of the Occupy Movement.  that being said, multiple factions of the movement have been assembling to discuss and vote on the output and message for the movement.  Below is a LIST OF PROPOSED “DEMANDS FOR CONGRESS” proposed by the website (occupywallstreet.org) which does not entirely represent the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly.  Below this list is a list of grievance that citizens have provided nationally and have voted on in solidarity of the movement. . . . .

    The point of this is:  Is this effort of http://www.OccupyWallStreet.org, an offspring of http://www.OccupyWallSt.org, in reality? Or, is it an upspring of the movement?  

    I think it’s very important to stick with the genuine movement here … http://www.occupywallst.org . . . unless IT, itself, condones or welcomes the websites, efforts thereby by others!  

    We need to be aware and avoid hijacking of this naissant movement by those who may or may not have the same interests or goals!  

  2. Thousands of Occupy Wall Street supporters gathered in Washington Square Park on Saturday afternoon for a General Assembly intended to spread the movement’s message. After several introductory speakers, the crowd lit up when an Egyptian activist named Mohammed Ezzeldin explained what he saw was the connection between Occupy Wall Street and the protests against Hosni Mubarak.

    “I am coming from there — from the Arab Spring. From the Arab Spring to the fall of Wall Street,” Ezzeldin said, his voice echoed by the crowd of thousands. “From Liberation Square to Washington Square, to the fall of Wall Street and market domination, and capitalist domination.”

    His passionate speech, which even included a reference to Karl Marx, made a startling comparison between what happened in Egypt earlier this year and what is now happening in the United States.

    “Many things separate us,” he said. “National borders. Homeland insecurities. Armies, corporations and police. They have their laws. They have their debts. And we have our revolution. We are the 99 percent.”

    Ezzeldin, a 28-year-old self-described “leftist activist” who is currently living in Jackson Heights and studying at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center, told HuffPost he was camped out in Tahrir Square just a few months ago and is now spending days in Zuccotti Park.

    “There are some differences,” he said, but he believes “any success for the struggle in the United States is helpful for the rest of the world.”

    Ezzeldin argued that making the protests more confrontational and bringing in labor unions will be critical for the success of the movement in the United States.

    “There is an illusion about freedom — about freedom of speech and freedom of organization in this country,” he observed, pointing to New York’s laws against tents and megaphones. “What I thought the image exported to the rest of the world… Well, it’s not completely false but there are many obstacles.”

    As for the NYPD’s response to demonstrations so far, Ezzeldin was philosophical. “Police is the police, in Egypt, in the United States. Police is the police. There is no good cops and bad cops, they are all cops,” he said.

    And video:


  3. Sign the Petition!  

    Click to join the call for real democracy — a giant live counter of every one of us who signs the petition will be erected in the centre of the occupation in New York, and live webcasted on this web page. Sign up now!

    The World vs Wall Street

  4. What tech does the military-industrial complex have which could be used to fuel our next great age.

    A 911 disclosure

    repeal of the patriot act

    dismantle Homeboy Insecurity

    end the Fed

    And of all people Finland.


  5. and politicize it have, apparently, commenced.

    Just read this from NY Times.

    Democrats Seek to Own ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Movement

    Occupation can lead to ownership, whether or not you want it.

    The spread of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was met with initial hesitation in both the Democratic and Republican parties. That might be an appropriate response to any protests that aim themselves squarely at the establishment, particularly those with goals that are diverse and diffuse as the current protesters’ are.

    But a consensus is emerging among Democrats that the “Occupy” movement is worth tapping into, even helping along and joining with in some instances. . . . .


  6. to my e-list a few days ago.  I had intended doing a short diary on the subject matter, i.e., agent provocateurs,but I haven’t had the time.  So, I’ll just repeat the e-mail and the link here:

    As we inhale the growth of the “Wall Street Occupation” here, there and just about everywhere now, I have just read an article that bears being read by as many people as can be reached.  

    I think we’ve seen or knew of such actions (the Dem or Repug Conventions, for example), wherein “plants” have been introduced into the masses for the deliberate purpose of creating provocations in order to stir violence and then the ultimate down-grading of the “movement” resultantly.  We can only hope that that will not happen, but . . . . . . . !

    The article explains the many “signs” to look for in such instances and what we need to do in order to cover the backs of protestors right from the get-go in such event.

    Please read and spread around:

    “How the Corporate Powers Will Try to Crush Occupy Wall Street (and How to Fight Back)”, by Spocko

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