Just Some of ‘Lessons of War’ Not Learned!!

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And now we’re over a decade of oh so many lessons not learned and in not one but two theaters of with a third front being bombed and invaded right next door to one of the two and joined with NATO in bombing another that the previous administration had brought the leader of back into the fold after years of calling him a terrorists supporter and supporting terrorists criminal acts!

As we were coming out of Vietnam, especially in the end of, the Country with almost one voice said they’d “never forget the lessons of!” that lasted oh probably five minutes or, even without cable then, a couple of news cycles as we’ve seen during this whole past decade. The War Hawk Neo-Cons thought they had the lessons, not the real lessons of wars of choice, needed to occupy and control an invaded country, well a decade plus later DeJa-Vu all over again.

The Country quickly moved on as they had after the conflict fighting of Korea while ignoring us veterans of and all we, and the many civilians, mostly from the anti-war movement, were trying to tell them about our brothers who were fighting the demons of war, PTS, as well as the damage done from the Defoliant Spraying, Agent Orange, the war atrocities committed and oh so much more.

Why? Well easy! The Country doesn’t mind wars and creating enemies of the Country, we’re an arrogant lot with tons of apathy and arrogance towards almost everyone else on this planet, while we praise god for blessing only us. We don’t mind throwing our treasury away on defense weapons of mass destruction, as well as into the pockets of the investors in, but really don’t want to pony up the costs, long long term, for the results of those wars, our veterans of and their families. It’s oh so much easier to lay blame on the Agency charged with supposedly fulfilling the Countries obligations to us who actually serve it and our Constitution in defense of, not offense, then to fully fund that agencies needs to fulfill the Countries promise, there’s another ‘promise’ quickly forgotten, to those serving it. Which if fully funded would not have the need to play constant catchup on record keeping and more and would actually save the Country money while giving back in advancing technology which would save lives and money in the private sector as well. From the representatives of the people, those especially who follow what they call conservatism, down through the whole society who they represent, if something happens in the VA agency negative Blame the VA not those charged with the funding of nor those they represent for obstructing or not even mentioning, as we saw through the beginning years of these two present conflicts, the many needs of the veterans returning joining the existing brother and sisterhood of veterans who’ve served.

As to All wars those serving and those they occupy suffer the ravages of for the coming decades after, physically and mentally! These occupations are no different, and one of the mainstays of War is the mental effect of 24/7 stress of what goes on in these hells on earth, always been there, and everyone who serves in is affected some much more then the rest, it changes everything most are brought up to believe. This is not just a result of Wars, one of the messages we’ve been trying to convey for these past decades, civilians who live through many many different life traumatic experiences also develop PTS and have been suffering in their silence and not understanding of as well as being misdiagnosed by the professionals who along with the society were ignoring, until sadly two more wars and tens of thousands of returning service members with multiple tours this time were coming back and living with the demons as many before them have for years, this time the country can’t ignore and now even realize what many, civilians, around them were going through, finally.

Here we are years after the start of these present conflicts.

Healing the invisible wounds of war

June 14, 2011Since 2003, more than 4,400 Americans have died in Iraq. Many who survive combat face a new battle at home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their spouses often suffer along with them. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports the military is now taking steps to help military wives.

Sgt. David Romanowsky suffered multiple concussions during two tours in Iraq. His wife Gayla has been dealing with the aftershocks ever since.

“A lot of times I would feel like I’m holding all of this in,” Gayla said. “I don’t know how to take care of my husband. He can’t get out of bed.”

She is one of 12 stressed-out military wives brought together at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

“I was happy finally when they called and said they are starting something up,” she said. “Finally you’re not alone – there’s other people that feel exactly the same way that you do.”

Living with the dual scourges of their husbands’ brain injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they see what the rest of us don’t.

“Night terrors, outbursts, severe anxiety,” said Army wife Katelyn Taylor.

“I think the sadness that he felt was the worst part for me,” said Marine wife Amanda Redhead. “That’s very hard for me to see my husband cry and get upset and just know there’s nothing I can do for him.” {continued}

Just think how much further forward we would be, even some ten years ago, if the Country didn’t chose to ignore, why we probably would have had a much different and peaceful recent decade plus.

As to the politics of the Country, us, who wage these wars of choice, we get the following question. And not just the so called debate the other night and not only as to directly at the wars of choice, but the now over a decade of No Demanding Sacrifice from the country, the bush said go shoppin, as to the results of, And The Veterans Of!!

They, reps especially, do what they do best, any problems they blame the VA, the long Underfunded VA!!

Nothing new for us older vets, especially of our conflicts, obstruction is their other main policy, though there used to be real what are still called ‘republicans’ and ‘conservatives’ who did understand and could be worked with!!

The Veterans Administration is the Countries Responsibility, as to defense especially from the enemies we create, as to completing our contract of service to Country and Constitution!

Why So Little Mention of Our Costly Wars’? Glaring Omission in Republican Debate

June 14, 2011 – At 10 past 8 Monday evening, Michele Bachmann decided to separate herself from the six guys next to her on the stage by telling John King of CNN why she had come to St. Anselm College. It was the fifth anniversary of the day a young man from New Hampshire was killed in Afghanistan, but she made no mention of that. “John … I just want to make an announcement,” she said as the first big TV debate among Republican candidates for President began. “I filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the United States … So I wanted you to be the first to know.”

Bachmann was trying to provide some contrast to her fellow candidates, the six men who looked as if they were about to be inducted into the local Rotary Club: smiling, amiable, eager to please and ready to drop the hammer at any given moment on Barack Obama for everything from unemployment to health care to same-sex marriage but unwilling to tackle the U.S.’s military engagement for the past 10 years. The crowd for the debate was middle-aged, white, patriotic and ready to roll for anyone who could convince them that competence could beat charisma in 2012. Moments before the TV light went on, an old guy with a white beard shouted, “Let’s do the Pledge.” The CNN floor producer asked, “You want to lead it?”

“Yeah,” the old guy said. And he did. The crowd stood, hands over hearts, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to great applause. See Mark Halperin grade the New Hampshire debate at The Page. {continued}

Remember when they, and all their little tepub cultist, couldn’t stop coming up with labels, and even symbols like purple heart bandaids as to their opposition, and more for any and all who didn’t walk in lockstep with them and turns out we were absolutely right in everything we laid out!!

They’ve been running from all they supported and the words and labels towards others they used during the previous administration and the congresses of same so called political ideology, not just the wars but the economic damage they placed on fast track of the previous couple of decades, and now are going hog wild trying to finish the destruction of what once was being built.

Could this, Report: $6B missing in Iraq may have been stolen, be one of the many reasons why they rarely mention the wars of choice, after all the tepublicans were in charge of the peoples treasury, Executive and both houses of Congress, of which, while rubber stamping the wants of the administration then, their job was allocating these funds and supposedly doing over site of them as well as investigative hearings, remember all the hearings blocked or relegated to basement meeting space, if held, that the minority political party then called for.

So many reasons, and promises forgotten, to run away from as they seek to control the minds of the country by laying the blame on the present and wiping their recent total involvement off, not just the wars of choice nor even just the economy, the countries mental history in rewriting their failures or expunging them!


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  1. Gates now says he’s against ‘wars of choice’, and has floated the impression that:

    1. He’s against the Libya adventure.

    2. He personally prevented war with Iran.


  2. So the size, scope and visibility from space itself of the US Iraq embassy compound is testimony to a failed atempt to secure oil for global corporate interests bleeding profusely due to China’s dominance in every other electronic raw material.

    Yet now we have “our” CIA destabilizing the entire middle-east while China goes after Africa.

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