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Just Some of ‘Lessons of War’ Not Learned!!

And now we’re over a decade of oh so many lessons not learned and in not one but two theaters of with a third front being bombed and invaded right next door to one of the two and joined with NATO in bombing another that the previous administration had brought the leader of back into the fold after years of calling him a terrorists supporter and supporting terrorists criminal acts!

The Brits Honoring Their Fallen {and thoughts of a Memorial}

I started this out this morning just collecting a few reports to post at my site on new news of the Iraq War Inquiries. I quickly ran into a number of reports of a moving re-dedication of a memorial that once stood in Basra Iraq and started there to Honor the Fallen British Soldiers by their brothers serving in that occupation.

The reason my first intention grew was what these reports spoke as to that Honor and those, the families of as well as friends and advocates, who wanted that Iraq Memorial moved back to Britain and placed where all can visit and dwell on these recent years, over for the British Soldiers in Iraq but not our soldiers there nor for the Brits, Ours and the NATO forces in Afghanistan.