Geo-Engineering Conference

I mean it’s just better.  I find it more interesting even if it might not even be true.  I don’t need the trivial diversions lamestream.  Another al-CIA-duh story, another talking head telling me how I should think, another date of disaster from the alt news sources.  Consistent themes emerge as to how the elite control us, how they want to de-industrialize, even de-populate us.  Obama after all is very low on the totem pole of oligarchs who operate in 169 countries and the vast expanse of globalist oriented organizations which operate with complete autonomy and in secret.

“It’s just “Coast to Coast”, it’s just tin foil.  Insert famous MIT link here.…

They are discussing how media whores would cover UFOs and the ET question after some event exposing the past sixty year suppression of it moot.

Just look at the crap over 911 and that false flag story.

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