Fuck 911 They are raiding Giza

Real life raiders of the lost ark.  Taking stuff out of the Giza pyramid region of Egypt even if it may be the only salvation for the human race.

Another testimony as to the origins of advanced civilizations 12,500 years ago, strange things found in strange places on the earth and other ancient stuff we could not possibly do today with the technology we do have.


Is the sun going to go nuts in 2012 causing massive coronal mass ejections wiping out every electronic chip on earth.  I don’t know but it seemed to work for Jake Sully in Avatar.  I actually like the part about the frying of the chips, hey, the won’t be able to calculate interest payments.

It will screw up the illegal drug trade.


And you know I don’t care what it looks like at this point or what my sources are I honestly believe in the science of suppressed free zero point/interdimensional energy.  The mountains of lamestream media keeping the sheeple down is more than abnormal psych 101, Pavlovian dogs or Skinnerian linguistic programming.  Joe Lieberman, OK?  BP is going to pay, yeah right, is gas 4 bucks a gallon, right in time for summer traveling yet?

Well, OK, it is a bit much to accept that an enlightened educated man who spent most of his life researching ancient stuff would gain access to the king’s chamber of the Giza pyramid, lie down in the coffin, utter the special chant and have a out of body cosmic experience gaining access to the spiritual knowledge of all the universe while stopping time itself.  Fine, maybe you and I can’t accept that as fact yet I come back and check my fucking emails telling me I have won the British lottery, five more assholes want me to pay them to get me a job,five other assholes tell me I’m not sucking corporate cock properly and publishers clearing house says I am in the running for 10 million dollars.  Ok, how does the merchant of ancient Americana and Chinese junk ever qualify to pay out the hefty sum of 10 million.




Mom told me she saw something on 60 minutes tonight.  I cringed, became furiously angry to the point of refusing to buy her another TV.  Bullshit propaganda fucking with my aging mother, even if she is a sociopath.  Just not good karma, kicking a retard in the face.

Can ya tell I’m pissed again?

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  1. the new Google page gives you links to National Propaganda Radio and other lamestream Crap Broadcasting System news.

    And bloggers like us lap it up and echo it gleefully.  The oil spill in the Gulf, how the music will set you free or the second scheduled economic melt down by a single guy who pressed the wrong button.

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