The Collapsed Middle Class

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When Talking About The Economy Now And The So Called ‘Capitalism Practiced’ Start Calling It Exactly What It Is, “Reaganomics”, i.e. ‘trickle down’ ‘free market’…………, there’s a hole host of meme’s used that sold this Con of what must be in order to advance? which when implemented was forecast by many then and over the years, last couple of decades, to do Exactly What It Did, Collapse The Once Growing and Proud Economic Reality That Was!!

Have no idea why those who are supposed to represent the working people don’t use the reality and voice it over and over, do know why th media don’t, they profit from not reporting the reality!

‘Real Time’: The Middle Class Is Crumbling

While Maher railed against the show “Undercover Boss” for its condescending prince-and-the-pauper approach, Arianna argued that there’s a reason that people connect with the show: it shows people working hard and not being rewarded.

“Thirty years ago, the CEOs that are in ‘Undercover Boss’ were making 30 times as much as their working people. Now, they’re making 300 times as much! We’re about to become Venezuela, or Brazil, you know where the people at the top are basically behind they’re gates with guards to protect their kids from kidnapping. The middle class is crumbling and that’s the country we’re going to become… if we don’t fundamentally change where we’re going.”


The following cartoon clip fits well into this issue. Few workers at the top in the corporate office, cutting workers who actually do work and forcing work loads on those left, at either stagnant or collapsing wages and more work under less hours, for bigger bottom lines instead of gradual company and investor growth and quality product!

This just happened to be the cartoon on the Non Sequitur calendar for this weekends dates, March 6th and 7th.

Working in construction as a multi tradesman, carpenter by profession, I’ve watched over the last two to three decades a trend that I’ve also seen in other companies especially the ones that have grown larger on what once was or those that buy out others increasing size and bottom line and leading for many to go public. In construction once General Contractors that used to employ in-house trades, thus more control over product, and sub out only what might be needed as to other major needs for a contract, commercial or residential, have now added more and more office personal under a growing list of titles and not from the ranks of the long time experienced worker but those who have little experience in actual building but do have degree’s from colleges and universities, the higher education industry, only some needed before. Each one of those positions takes the place of at least a couple of tradespeople who actually used to do the work under contract. Of which their time is taken in meetings or now more surfing on the net then actual work. A great example of this is the following:

They now sub out all the work or hire from temp agencies for short time, no benefits, but hard push on the actual contract completion which causes not quality work but continued mistakes and rework or problems arising quicker in the finished product, thus costing more to fix as well as added problems over a shorter time and not from age. These subs are squeezed hard to preform the work cheaper and cheaper causing them to cut their own workforce and pushing for more and faster work out of who they do employ in order to make a decent living themselves for all they have to do to function as a small business. This is across the board in the last couple of decades of what is still termed as ‘capitalism’ as to not only our economy but interconnected worldwide economies.

We have those who preached the new capitalism loudly complaining about the Government having to come forward with investment into the economy trying to avoid total collapse. Some of those screaming are profitting well off that needed economic infusion of capital, others are are the bottom rungs who need it to keep their jobs or to get hired to new positions because they lost jobs and are now long or short time unemployed with few new positions coming online for rehire.

Why are there few positions or few new company startups especially in green growth like there should be? There isn’t any Private Capital being brought into the economy as invest or growth as was sold the new economy would do and much of that private capital is in the hands of those who were selling the new capitalism who would rather spend millions to defeat a return to bottom up growth, as well as millions in political campaigns, then to invest what was promised as top down economics!


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  1. they like it too

  2. Unemployment Rate Holds Steady, but Minorities Still Worse Off

    AIR DATE: March 5, 2010


    The nation’s unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent in February, but jobless rates for blacks and Latinos remain high. Judy Woodruff talks to two financial and policy experts about the disparity.

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    How The U.S. Lost Its Independence.



    • Xanthe on March 7, 2010 at 06:16

    Isn’t it sad how something becomes a thoughtless mantra:  green jobs, green jobs, green jobs – and so little actual benefit.  Aren’t many “green” products being made in China for instance.  

    I remember Jesse Jackson saying that we have to redefine work.  That is a monumental statement – think about it.  We certainly have to think about workers creating the jobs, creating the reality.  Should Marxism be so scary?          

    • RUKind on March 7, 2010 at 07:16

    Their base pay from us is chickenshit for maintaining two homes with one of them in DC or Beltway-land.

    Money talks, bullshit walks. Us blogging at them is just bullshitting ourselves to blow off some tension. We are ants on the sidewalk. Who cares?

    Like Jim Bunning said so openly and honestly, “Tough shit.” That is our government at work.

    I think it’s beyond time for a new government. I’d settle for a lot of expired lobbyists, though. Somewhere in the five digit range. That would get their attention.

  4. After procrastinating for several years, I only recently began reading Thom Hartmann’s 2004 book, “Unequal Protection.”  I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson’s exclamation in “A Few Good Men” to Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth!”  New knowledge has displaced pockets of blissful ignorance.  The benefits of enlightenment theoretically outweigh the attendant costs, however, this continues to be a wavering belief.  

    The perversion of the 14th amendment, the advent of corporate personhood via the Southern Pacific v. Santa Clara County Supreme Court debacle in 1886, and perhaps worst of all, the disastrous passage of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which passed toward the conclusion of Bill Clinton’s first term (with the help of Bob Dole), which then gave birth to the U. N. World Trade Organization stand as important milestones along this nation’s current downward trajectory.

    I had previously known that the free trade agreements, such as the WTO, NAFTA, etc. were damaging to our way of life but hadn’t previously understood its full impact upon the tattered remnants of our democratic republic.  

    The Founding Fathers understood that international treaties trumped any and all domestic federal, state and local laws, and intentionally set the bar quite high for passage of same (2/3 majority).  As this applies to the WTO and NAFTA agreements, any law passed in this country, at any level of government, if foreign signatory claims that said law(s) impedes the ability of one of their corporations to sustain and/or grow their profits, it can be challenged and brought before tribunals and Dispute Resolution Panels (DRPs), who are far more powerful than any entity in this country.

    The DRPs consist of three to five members, and meet in Geneva, Switzerland.  If this body, upon receiving and reviewing a complaint from any signatory, determines that existing laws in any country interfere with the ability of a corporation in another country to maximize its profits, that law can be declared null and void.  Even more frightening, as stated on page 146 of Hartmann’s book…

    “…The public is forbidden from watching, listening or participating in the meetings, the experts upon whom the panels rely for testimony are never publicly named or identified, and the documents resulting from the meetings are forever sealed from the public…”

    Here are just a few examples of laws overturned by the unelected, secret DRPs of the WTO and NAFTA, again from Hartmann’s book…

    “Laws in England and France restricting the use of asbestos in construction were challenged by Canada, which exports asbestos…

    Japanese laws proposed to reduce automobile emissions by cars sold in that country were successfully challenged by the United States…

    European laws banning the importation of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, were successfully challenged by the United States…”

    Bill Clinton helped lead to way to drive the stake into the heart of what remained of our democratic republic, with considerable help from the Republicans and a goodly number of Democrats. Of course, Bush/Cheney were undoubtedly fine with leaving these agreements undisturbed. And, as for today, Obama is a staunch free trade advocate. Consequently, U. S. withdrawal from these disastrous treaties cannot be anticipated anytime soon.  

    If have notyet finished Hartmann’s book, but would venture to say that Chapter 8, which is entitled, “Transnational Corporations: The Ghost of the East India Company Rides Again” could well be the most frightening chapter I’ve ever read in any book to date.

    Should you decide to delve into this book, you will no doubt become much more knowledgeable, but as mentioned earlier, you may wish to delay this exercise if you are currently teetering anywhere near the brink of depression.

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