Winter Olympics- Day III, Afternoon

Well, you have to hope this is more exciting than it sounds.

On NBC main they’re covering Men’s Snowboard Cross (think Moto-Cross) and Cross Country (Women’s 10k and Men’s 15k).

The Women’s 10k is supposed to run from 1 to 1:30 pm.  Snowboard Cross preliminary heats, which NBC likens to NASCAR racing (yay, more twisted chunks of flaming metal and holes in the asphalt), from 1:30 to 4 pm.  The Men’s 15k is from 4 to 5 pm.

While they will finally be holding Men’s Downhill this afternoon, the indications are that since it’s a very high profile event they’re going to tape delay it until tonight’s prime time segment.

Of course the schedule also says that they’ll be covering Pairs Free Skate (Long Program), more Snowboard Cross, and Speed Skating (Men’s 500m).

I have no faith at all in the schedule because as it turns out MSNBC did repeat the USA v. China Hockey game last night at 3 am.  Not that you missed much unless you like blowouts.

Starting at 5:30 MSNBC will be hosting Canada v. Switzerland which I expect will be another one.

A much less frenetic day than yesterday when we had America’s Cup and the Daytona 500 in addition to the 2 rounds of Olympics.  I should be able to crank out an Afternoon Edition.

Tomorrow will be less forgiving as I have a training seminar to conduct which will occupy me from about 6 to 10 pm.

We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. If you like Snowboard Cross or Cross Country this is your lucky day.

  2. They’re actually covering the Women’s 10k.

    The first 10 skiers are unseeded.

    Since the conditions have tended to deteriorate of the course of the day this is not much of an advantage for the low seeds.

  3. Freestyle referes to the start format (I can only imagine “classic” means everybody at once).

    This is more like a rally start, we’ll see how it looks for the late start low seeds.

  4. So now more unseeded skiers starting.

    All the seeded skiers have already started.

  5. . . . for tomorrow night’s session?  I could take a turn hosting if you like.

    Also I’m goin’ out for a few beers after work tomorrow (Fat Tuesday, ya know) so I should be kinda drunk for the evening session.  Might be entertaining.  

  6. Sweden



  7. This round is to eliminate 4.

    It’s small fields folks.

  8. 2 timed qualifier runs solo.

    Not much like NASCAR at all really.

    They do run 4 abreast in the round of 32.

  9. But evidently they take the best of your two times so it’s not a DQ.

    This is really much less fascinating than advertised.

  10. Another one of those Dreamworks Vikings and Dragons whores.

  11. 10 Unseeded, then the seeded.

  12. Switzerland



  13. They cut away ahead of schedule today.

    Shifty bastards.

    This thread is still open for the Women’s Hockey on MSNBC at 5:30.

    Fresh meat at 8 pm.

  14. I’ll be sure to stay up and catch a full hour of Hardball.

    You betcha.

  15. Hey, a full minute without a Canadian score!

    They were scoring once every 3 minutes against Slovakia.

  16. This is a tough one on uniforms.

    The Canadians are All Red, the Swiss White and Red.

    Already the Canadians had scored about 3 goals in the first game v. Slovakia, but despite several close calls it’s still scoreless.

    That’s how much better the Swiss are.

    Canada short handed.

  17. It’s not like every shot on goal hasn’t been Canada, but the goalie has been very good.

    Up ’til now.

    1 – 0 Canada.

    It took 6:30 though.

    • TMC on February 16, 2010 at 12:00 am

    for the skiing and skating. There was a scathing article about NBC’s coverage and no live broadcast of the Men’s Downhill.

    NBC Ruins Olympics Men’s Downhill For Millions Of Fans

    Someday, perhaps, the NBC Sports brass will understand that the world has changed in the past 25 years.  Within an hour or two, the name of the winner of the Men’s Downhill will be everywhere–on the radio, on other TV stations

    , on the Internet, on news sites.  Even people who want to play along with NBC’s self-serving little game will have a hard time avoiding the news.  Thus, for most of them, the most exciting event at the games will be ruined.

    NBC executives are troglodytes.

  18. 14:25 First Period.

    Shots 15 – 1

    You see, until we hit the heavy weight division it’s not whether you lose to Canada, it’s how badly.

    Unless you’re the Finns, who have hubris.

  19. Switzerland is better than they looked against Sweden.

  20. 2:19 in the Second Period.

    Again, it’s not win or lose but how tough you play Canada.

  21. 8:08 Second Period.

  22. Switzerland is breaking down now.

    5 – 0

    11:15 Second Period.

  23. 14 Seconds left in the Period

    Canada 5 – 1

    First Goal against in the Olympics.

  24. 6 – 1.

    54 Seconds in the 3rd Period.

  25. A very charitable way to put it.

  26. 8 – 1

  27. 9 – 1

  28. 67 – 8 Slovakia

    55 – 9 Switzerland

    10 – 1

    Change in Goal for Switzerland.

  29. Some nice saves there for the Swiss.

  30. What did you expect?

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