A belated Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone;

    This is a bit belated but Merry Christmas to all those who follow the applicable faith.  I just flew home from Greensboro, NC where I was visiting with one set of parents.  Had a lovely time accept that we all came down with flu Yippy!!!.  (Much better now thanks)  I’d also like to say happy Solstice (thank Gaia the days are getting longer). Happy Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Dakas day, Amtabha Buddha Day etc etc.  

    I guess I was outta touch a bit but I did here about the thwarted bomber, thank the FSM he was unsuccessful.  If it werent so sad I’d laugh, I got back and walked over the the shop where I work and lo and behold got blindsided.  The boss asks what I know about the subject and immediately starts her rant on how she ‘heard’ on a radio program the arguemnt that we should stop the PC shit and just start profiling those Muslims (LOL I’m thinking of converting, just for shits and giggles (thats why I wont)).  Imagine being so ignorant that not only do you support profiling but that you think only ‘Arabic’ looking folks are Muslims or that only Muslims or arabs are terrorists.  Ah So good to be home.

    Happy, Peaceful, and Healthy New year to everyone


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    • TMC on December 30, 2009 at 03:17

    to you and your Spindrifter. Happy New Year, in case you aren’t around. Don’t be  stranger. BTW, I speak Arabic, have red hair and am 5’3″, Hungarian/Russian ancestry and a practicing Wiccan.  

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