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Wonderful Wedding, more tomorrow. Morans aggravate me 20091214

Hello, folks!  Sorry to take a hiatus from Pique the Geek last night, but I was enjoying the bonds of family, not something that I am able to do often.  As much as I love all of you, please excuse me for loving those really close to me more.

Eldest Son was married to his sweetheart of eight years Saturday afternoon.  Yes,  choked up and damn near cried.  His mum, the former Mrs. Translator, was about the same, but it hit her more the next day.

Sold Out Part II

So tonight the broad parameters of Barack Obama’s, Rahm Emanuel’s, and Harry Reid’s big sell out of “Health Care Reform” have become clear-

No reform at all, just a mandate that you spend 20% of your income so that Insurance Companies are guaranteed 20% profits.

Oh, and we’re going to take away your right to choose.

Thanks for nothing Democrats.


Now with content!

Overnight Caption Contest

Alms for the Truth

As reluctant as I am to whore myself for donations, I am, literally, hungry. I just ate the last can of tuna and there is a bag of brown sugar, one cup of instant coffee and a box of Penne that will have to last me the next week. It is either going to be a big, sweet, crunchy cup of coffee or the worst pasta dish ever known to mankind.

Therefore, I hope to strike up a deal with the readers and dear friends of mine online.

I will do a political trash job on the politician of your choice as payment for a small donation towards my future breakfast, lunches and dinners. Pictures of ponies and pooties will be accepted in lieu of donations, but I kindly ask that said pooties/ponies are pics of a tasteful nature, just in case any children happen to find themselves on this website.…

I thank the Gods for the friends I have made here an elsewhere on the toobz in the last year. You guys and gals keep me sane.

Cheers to you and yours,


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