Wonderful Wedding, more tomorrow. Morans aggravate me 20091214

Hello, folks!  Sorry to take a hiatus from Pique the Geek last night, but I was enjoying the bonds of family, not something that I am able to do often.  As much as I love all of you, please excuse me for loving those really close to me more.

Eldest Son was married to his sweetheart of eight years Saturday afternoon.  Yes,  choked up and damn near cried.  His mum, the former Mrs. Translator, was about the same, but it hit her more the next day.

Our eldest baby is married!

I could not be any more happy.  His mate is not only lovely, she is incredibly intelligent, very energetic, and just a very nice person.   I will post more about the wedding in the next few days.  At their request, I will not post pictures, although they are wonderful. Apparently my posts here have come to some less than good ends, and I will not put them in the public spotlight here.  If any readers can find the assholes that made that so, I will use all of my hide ratings against them.  I really wanted to post the wedding pictures.

They both are in Italy now.  I hope that they enjoy the honeymoon.  I love both of them, and simply said to Callie, after they both accepted the vows, “Welcome to our family.  We welcome you”.

I hope that everyone has wonderful holidy season.  I shall be quite alone then.

Warmest regards,



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