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Alms for the Truth

As reluctant as I am to whore myself for donations, I am, literally, hungry. I just ate the last can of tuna and there is a bag of brown sugar, one cup of instant coffee and a box of Penne that will have to last me the next week. It is either going to be a big, sweet, crunchy cup of coffee or the worst pasta dish ever known to mankind.

Therefore, I hope to strike up a deal with the readers and dear friends of mine online.

I will do a political trash job on the politician of your choice as payment for a small donation towards my future breakfast, lunches and dinners. Pictures of ponies and pooties will be accepted in lieu of donations, but I kindly ask that said pooties/ponies are pics of a tasteful nature, just in case any children happen to find themselves on this website.


I thank the Gods for the friends I have made here an elsewhere on the toobz in the last year. You guys and gals keep me sane.

Cheers to you and yours,


Begging for hope: The new power.

begging gets rec’d

Oh, by the way, let’s give Obama more money.

please, don’t be worthless.