Alms for the Truth

As reluctant as I am to whore myself for donations, I am, literally, hungry. I just ate the last can of tuna and there is a bag of brown sugar, one cup of instant coffee and a box of Penne that will have to last me the next week. It is either going to be a big, sweet, crunchy cup of coffee or the worst pasta dish ever known to mankind.

Therefore, I hope to strike up a deal with the readers and dear friends of mine online.

I will do a political trash job on the politician of your choice as payment for a small donation towards my future breakfast, lunches and dinners. Pictures of ponies and pooties will be accepted in lieu of donations, but I kindly ask that said pooties/ponies are pics of a tasteful nature, just in case any children happen to find themselves on this website.…

I thank the Gods for the friends I have made here an elsewhere on the toobz in the last year. You guys and gals keep me sane.

Cheers to you and yours,



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  1. Cause I am in bad shape

  2. Did you follow up on those jobs at Greenpeace, HuffPo and FDL? I think FDL is still looking.

    A NY-based Democrat is looking for interns to work in DC. Email resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Found that one on the Usenet group “Jobs That Are Left”:

    If you don’t necessarily want that, Friends of the Earth is also looking for a paid intern.

    I’ve been unemployed since August of 2006. I’ve been supplanting our income by cruising around looking for bottles and cans for the last two years, but in the winter I have to stop. I would never ask for help on this board because I am quite well aware that there are some people who read my posts on this site who are responsible for my having been quasi-driven out of my chosen career field in the first place, and I don’t intend to give them any information about my current circumstances that they can use to further harass me.

    To help you is essentially to take away time and opportunities from my own attempts to help keep my family housed and fed. But although a lot of people acknowledged the suggestions I posted the first time you asked for help, I never got a reply from you, and it’s clear that for whatever reason, those suggestions didn’t pan out for you.

    Why is that? Am I wasting my time? There seem to be a lot of people here for whom my input never will be good enough, no matter how sincerely given or actually useful in content. Are you one of them? No hard feelings or anything, nobody ever said that everybody in this world ever had to like everybody else. It’s just that I’d rather not waste my time if I don’t have to.

    • Edger on December 15, 2009 at 02:06

    Or Nancy. Or Harry. Or Lieberman, Or Harry. Or Rahm. Or Harry. Or Axelrod. Or Harry. Or Feinstein. or Harry.

    Or Harry… 😉

    I wish I had something to send you, MoT, but I tapped myself for Buhdy last week…

  3. Did you post this on Dkos? If not, please post it there. You will definitely get some help, dude.

    • jamess on December 15, 2009 at 05:31

    best wishes, and good luck.

  4. you on the 1st as well.  Will that PayPal acct stay open thru then?

    Hang in there dude.  If you weren’t way out there in NY, I’m on the other side in Vancouver, WA, I’d take you in.  

  5. keep the faith

    • sharon on December 15, 2009 at 16:59

    good luck!

    • sharon on December 15, 2009 at 17:04

    asks for a college degree.  try it anyway.  send them a writing sample or two to let them know that you can write.  do your best to get an interview, maybe even stop by and drop off your resume.  if you get your foot in the door and get to meet with an hr person, and it is lindsay or angela, please tell them i suggested you apply but be honest in saying that we have never met in person.  you can use my name – sharon lynch.  but if you do not speak with angela or lindsay, my name will not mean anything.  i temped there a few summers ago working for the ceo (who was then about 36 years old) and had i been interested in a career as an executive assistant, it would be a likely top choice.

  6. and soon. Made a little contribution.

    I hate giving advice… but I am going to give advice. I have been in similar circumstances and the thing I recall the most other than being totally broke and scared was also being socially isolated.

    I realize if you can barely eat then thinking about further schooling is silly but there might be grants available. I would pick something practical. I know people always say,”Do what you love blah blah” but I did not take that advice at all and thinkgs worked out relatively fine for me. No job is recession proof ever… But the trades and health care are always going to be needed. I picked nursing not even knowing if I would like it but desparate for better employment when I was 29. Lucky for me I ended up finding something in nursing I liked. You can do a trade program at a local community college which would be cheaper. You would work for not much until you got enough hours to write for your trade papers. Nothing agains degrees in social science/arts which I also have because I do think they have value but they are not much use in bad economic times which is why I would not advise doing that. The market is flooded right now with young people with a new degree. Those social science and liberal arts majors are only getting jobs through connections which is why I suggested the trades/health care angle.

    As a short stop gap you could take a course to become an NCA (nursing care assistant) if you don’t mind hard physical work. And it is. Lucky I did that when I was younger.

    I know your talents are writing and activism and I would NEVER discourage you from helping those talents grow and bloom they might not be a great match for the shit economy. Think survival first doing what I love/want second. Of course when I needed advice when I was younger I always turned to my grandmother who grew up in the depression. I did not always agree with her piont of view which seems practical to the piont of soul crushing but in general she was right…

  7. Because it’s literally all I have to give.  Here’s wishing you much better times.  

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