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For the last couple of days I’ve been trying to put together my thoughts on the recent claims by one liz cheney, she don’t deserve caps for name. But as this royally pissed me off when it first aired I kept getting madder and madder trying to write something, not being a writer adds to that, and I just had way to much hitting my mind to say to her and anyone else. But low and behold I found a piece by another Veteran that says allot of what I wanted and figured I can link to his while adding the links I wanted to.

This is what I first started out with and kept changing:

Did your dad threaten to remove you from his will, liz, and all that blood wealth reaped especially as he was second{?} in leadership of this Nation? You, like your dad, show how little you understand about our Military, and those that serve in it, as well as what National Security is! But you do seem to want, like your dad, to keep putting out those reminders for us who do understand both, especially those of us who have served and especially serving under failed policies by civilian and some military leaders, ‘Nam ’70-’71.

The Military personal, especially the NCO’s and Grunts expect and cherish the one elected as their Commander – In – Chief to show them that he/she respects the service they do for Country and Constitution, that which we take an Oath to Protect, and that he/she really understands that service as he/she serves in the civilian capacity and not dodging the bullets of the wars they are sent to fight and occupy others countries especially as these occupations are of choice not need!

National Security does not mean invading countries, then occupying them, and killing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, trying to force an ideology on them you want them to embrace. The killings and maiming’s create hatreds and enemies of not only those ordering the invasions and occupations but the people of the country they lead, especially when those giving the orders say ‘oops’ by calling the tens of thousands of innocent children, women and men killed and maimed ‘collateral damage’ nothing to see here so lets keep moving on!

10.29.09 President Honors Fallen at Dover Arrival

This is what you, and now the other talking heads, like your buddy rush, are trying to use as your political salvo, pure political propaganda, against a Commander in Chief paying Honor and Respect to the returning caskets of those killed Fifteen Soldiers and Three DEA Agents on the worse casulty loss day in the worse casulty month during this still relative new Administration in Afghanistan, something your father and his puppet never did in the time of either Occupation they Ordered!!

LIZ CHENEY:  I don’t know why he went to Dover.  I think that clearly it is very important for a commander-in-chief whenever he can, in whatever way possible, to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers, our fallen military, folks, but I think, you know, what President Bush used to do was to do it without cameras, and I don’t understand sort of showing up with the White House press pool with photographers and asking family members if he can take pictures.  I mean, that’s really hard for me to get my head around.  I think it’s an honorable and important thing to pay tribute, there’s no greater sacrifice people make to the nation.  It was a surprising way for the president to choose to do it.  I would also point out that the best way to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed is to win the war.

There’s a simple meme I’ve used since I came back from ‘Nam, that being my last year of my four serving in the U.S. Navy and doing so all on shore bases as a ‘GunnersMate’, that meme is ‘nixonian verbal spitting’ on military service members and veterans, following those who did so towards us as we returned and continues to this day, even by veterans who served with us then but hang with their denials. With just that statement above you unload that ‘Verbal Spitting’! Right from that first sentence then moving quickly into using the, unfelt by you, expected double speak and spin meme’s of fake support for those serving in the military and veterans of as you use them in your propaganda salvo spin.

Watch the video above, for you and your extremely bad fake journalist and so called expert friends, there isn’t any White House Press Corps at this solemn show of Honor and Respect to the fallen, the pictures and that video are what everyone sees, it’s then passed onto the press at the Parents of the Fallen’s request, the ones that don’t want their sons or daughters casket shown publicly Aren’t!! Notice also, the lighting in the video is that found on the tarmac of the airfield, no flood lights, no stage lights to highlight who are assembled. This is what the Dover ‘Old Guard’ and Dover Command along with other Air Force Base duties.

Not only did your father and his puppet Never Meet A Returning Plane, with the caskets of those killed in their two occupations, this is what they were doing at the time as to others, Elected Representatives of The People { Back in ’08 I put up a post after Senator Biden was chosen to run with Barack Obama as VP, this is part of that post with the pertinent links} :

Back a few years ago I went Absolutely Livid, have many many……………….. times from the first beat of the War Drums, this time while watching the CBS ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday show. While the blood had rushed to my head I waited, impatiently, for the transcript to come up on their site. When it finally did, I quickly copied and pasted it to an e-mail and sent it out, but that didn’t quell the Absolute Rage. I wanted more who hadn’t seen it to get as Pissed as myself so I tried thinking of online News outlets, some just coming into being, to further trying to get this report out to as many eyes and minds as possible, one was a fairly new outlet, the Huffington Post. A few hours later, to my surprise, and still Royally Pissed at what was reported, I receive an E from the Huffington Post that they were going to run with it, saw very little that day and ensuing days from the MSM about this incident as told by Senator Biden to Bob Schieffer.

Huffington posted it on June 20, 2005 at 10:11 PM {you gotta love google, I didn’t keep the story, but a quick search and there it was}

Sen. Biden: ‘I’m Not Allowed To Be There When The Flag-Draped Casket Comes In’ …

On CBS News’s “Face the Nation” yesterday, Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.) told Bob Schieffer that the Defense Department policy forbids him from paying his respects to fallen soldiers as their coffins return to the US through the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Though no cameras and no press would accompany him, Biden said he had to receive express permission from the Pentagon to join a grieving family that had requested his presence as they met their deceased son who died in a car bomb in Iraq.

“I’m allowed in the military base. I’m not allowed to go to the mortuary,” he said.

The CBS Transcript of that show in PDF, they don’t have that video clip in their archives.

Now here’s the piece from a brother veteran posted on October 30th ’09 :

The following brought to you via Veterans Today: Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal online website.

WINGNUT OF THE WEEK: LIZ CHENEY, How Dare You! Who are you anyway?

When dead American soldiers were brought back in secret, in shame, it was at the orders of Vice President Cheney.  Cheney planned the Iraq invasion even before the election and well before 9/11.  The Cheney’s testimony before the 9/11 Commission is filled with things like, “We never thought anyone would attack America, we knew nothing, nothing, nothing….never expected anything at all.”

Cheney ordered the phony intel that took us into Iraq.  Cheney overruled the generals who told us the war would go on for years and cost thousands of lives  Cheney sent troops to war with poor body armor, defective weapons and protected against IEDs by canvas doored Humvees.  When our troops had poisoned water and were electrocuted in their barracks, it was Haliburton, Cheney’s company that did it.  When 5 years passed with too few troops, it was Cheney in control.

It was Cheney’s war plan that brought America to the brink of total defeat in Afghanistan.  Dick and Lynn Cheney, among the biggest war profiteers in American history are now pointing their blood stained fingers in blame at others.  Now they have their pointless spawn playing attack dog too?..>>>Rest Found Here

When Gordan does a rant he really does a rant!!

By the way little liz, wasn’t daddies fifth deferment, while we were serving in ‘Nam, because of your mom being pregnant with you?

Being the woman? you pretend to be, meaning oh so tough and oh such an expert {why you even pop up on the fake news shows}, there’s a series at the New York Times you should follow, I doubt you even have heard of it or if so haven’t given it a thought, why, because it’s Reality, you know that real world you don’t live in:

A Combat Role, and Anguish, Too

For Vivienne Pacquette, being a combat veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder means avoiding phone calls to her sons, dinner out with her husband and therapy sessions that make her talk about seeing the reds and whites of her friends’ insides after a mortar attack in 2004.

As with other women in her position, hiding seems to make sense. Post-traumatic stress disorder distorts personalities: some veterans who have it fight in their sleep; others feel paranoid around children. And as women return to a society unfamiliar with their wartime roles, they often choose isolation over embarrassment.

Many spend months or years as virtual shut-ins, missing the camaraderie of Iraq or Afghanistan, while racked with guilt over who they have become.


Some psychiatrists say that women do better in therapy because they are more comfortable talking through their emotions, but it typically takes years for them to seek help. In interviews, female veterans with post-traumatic stress said they did not always feel their problems were justified, or would be treated as valid by a military system that defines combat as an all-male activity…>>>Rest Found Here

Women at Arms

A record number of women are coming home from war with post-traumatic stress disorder. Four years after leaving Iraq, Shalimar Bien explains her continuing struggle.

Women at Arms

The Psychological Scars

Articles in this series explore how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have profoundly redefined the role of women in the military.

Previous Articles in the Series

A series many should visit and read.

I’ll close with two heartfelt, and more reality, recent video’s on your senseless, and certainly no feelings for the Fallen Soldiers or any for that matter, political propaganda salvo’s, using the fallen soldiers with your fake concern for and with no honor nor compassion for them or their families!

Oh and could you do me a favor. When you read this, I know you won’t but one of your little cult followers will, could you pass this on to another pure ‘chickenhawk draft dodger’ from our time, along with your dad, that being the mouth rush limbaugh, after all he’s using your meme’s and ramping them up to fill that empty airspace he takes up on that radio show of his.


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  1. We all know the photo ops Bush was fond of.

    “Win” the war? You mean like this?


    Your soulless, craven, greedy father and that entire administration belong in a prison cell in the Hague with a noose around their necks.

    • Joy B. on November 2, 2009 at 21:07
  2. the Three Percenters division of is a bonafide thing.  Very hard to tell these days.  While I have to applaud and honor the sacrifices of military and law enforcement people for their dedication of service to country, Mr. Globalism himself saluting our soldiers does strike me as kinda profane.

    As to PSTD what part of that might be due to vaccines,depleted uranium and or toxic chemicals soldiers are exposed to all of these things in addition to combat stress.

    As to cheney and the bush administration let me remind you how the left ignored this administration’s eight year involvement in touting the North American Union in total secret.  Ya, ceeding US sovereignty to an EU style union, ignored by media and the left in creating this Stasi style “post 911 world” and the War of Error.

    No we don’t have that advantage of Bush incompetence this time around but instead a younger Kenyan/Indonesian as globalist puppet of choice.

    • Inky99 on November 2, 2009 at 22:48

    But Obama is doing a photo op here.

    I feel nothing but revulsion at Obama doing a photo op over soldiers that he has murdered.

    Fuck him.  

  3. President Bush used to do was to do it without cameras,

    Any? Any at all?  

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