Workplace Disruption Programs

The newest of emerging business memes comes from my wife who works in health care.

It was a job she used to enjoy.  It had people she used to enjoy.  It was upscale done right rehab-nursing care facility and management is on the path of continuing “destroyment”.  Another Hyatt Regency incident, this time with health care.

Everyone knows there are no jobs out there so everyone knows they have to keep what they might have.  Thus an excuse for management to act like minions of Satan.

Whittier Health has written a new corporate policy which is sort of a secret.  It is up on their intranet that only management type personnel can access so the employee anger is distributed in a viral manner.  It outlines additional draconian corpo-fascist policies completely unConstitutional and most definitively unAmerican.

Doctors Arcidi, If you want to frisk my wife simply because she works for your company I will come and punch your lights out.  Also how does working in a police state atmosphere contribute to a “sense of common community values” which you seek for your company.  I can understand the smoke Nazi theme because after all your business is health care but monthly evaluations of shift differentials does go too far.  I sincerly hope you have a Hyatt Regency incident and know I will do everything to bring that about.

Past corpo policies include making my wife sign a binding arbitration agreement. If you’ve been injured at work, you will likely be entitled to injury compensation. Well, that’s how it normally works. As for my wife, because of the arbitration agreement, if she is injured at work she can’t seek damages from a real court.  This year the installation of security cameras in lue of cost of living wage increases was an added touch on top of the Seig Heil James Bond door opening thumb print readers.

All that being said I hope Whittier Health goes the way of Brooksby Village.  Could not happen to a nicer management!  I shall meditate heavily on that one.

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  1. Same here…my wife works for Heartland Healthcare which used to be one of the best health care providers in the country. Last year Heartland was bought by the Carlyle Group, if you don’t already now who they are just Google that consortium of bloodsuckers and lay an eyeball on who some of the owners are. I’m sure the Carlyle group would never have bought them if the business wasn’t deemed a cashcow.

    When my wife told me who had bought them, I immediately went to the innertoobs and sat her down and had her read up on Carlyle. I told her that it’s just a matter of time until things drastically change. And it didn’t take long to prove my prediction right. Things have changed big time, all in the name of worship of the almighty dollar. They are cutting back in all respects to increase their bottom line, at the expense of the employees and the patients. I believe their goal is to suck it dry and then pass it off as a loss. The maxim “Don’t get sick” really, really is true. The greed has seeped into all aspects of our society.

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