Verbal Spitting on Those Who Serve, Continues!!


Some Four Plus Decades of, Enough is Enough

We’ve been going through this for some four decades now, and it’s gotta Stop Now, but I doubt it will, because it comes mainly from those that don’t serve as they wrap themselves in the banner of a political party that’s “Strong On National Defense” while condemning all others as not! It’s in their political ideology to be used and accepted by those that claim that ideology, like they found great enjoyment wearing and laughing about “purple heart bandages” not long ago. Even some who serve, and do so in our wars and occupations of choice will use it, strickly as their political meme, disgracing their own service as they attack their brothers and sisters, never having real facts to back up their claims, and never apologizing especially to their brothers and sisters!

What’s is it really? Well for a number of those years in those four decades I’ve called it from where it came: “nixonian verbal spitting” the actual spitting on us Vietnam Vets, especially those who spoke the reality of that conflict and were against the policies of. It was the meme that started the now long running slam on many in this country by using it as a reality of actually physically spitting on us returning from ‘Nam. There may be cases of actual spitting, never documented nor photographed, but many who claim it can and are quickly brought down by their descriptions of where and when, but that came out of the verbal spitting, not the meme coming from actual spitting, carried out by supporters of the failed policies.

There is a group of present Veterans touring the country on a bus with a message, you can find out about them and their message at Operation FREE

This is a fresh page at their site, Enough is Enough: Rep. Metcalfe Needs to Apologize, I implore everyone to visit and sign their petition.

You can find out more about what is going on and the why the Demand for an Apology, not one of these “Oh gee I misspoke, or used wrong word phrasing, and I’m really sorry.” type of apologies, with absolutely no meaning nor feeling, and then walking away from a mike and forgetting all about it and moving on, A Real Apology Is Demanded, you ‘Spit’ on one Veteran you ‘Spit’ on us all, Verbal or Physical, by a Vet or especially by a civilian we Served!

You can also find out much more with a front page post by Meteor Blades, at daily kos, which caught exactly what many of us Vets have been saying these past decades, Daryl Metcalfe Spits on Veterans as to the political meme’s used.


A dose of that is what the Pennsylvania House of Representatives should give state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. Every time he rises to speak, every time they pass him in the corridor, every time he seeks to engage them, the members of the House should turn their backs, literally and figuratively. Shun him and turn away from his slimeball behavior. They should strip him of his assignment to the House Veteran Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. The good citizens of Butler, Pa., the heart of his district, ought to show the same good sense by shunning him now and next election day…>>>

Or read the one posted there yesterday, 10.19.09, by Jon Powers, an OIF and OEF Veteran, Why is a Republican PA State Rep calling Iraq and Afghan vets “Benedict Arnold?”

I served for 15 months in Iraq as a Captain in the Army’s 1st Armored Division, and like so many of my fellow Iraq and Afghanistan veterans I returned on a new mission.  This mission was, and continues to be, to help raise awareness and educate the American people not only on the wars we are currently fighting, but on the national security challenges our great nation faces.  For generations, veterans have done this and they have seen this as a continuation of their service to Constitution and the American people….>>>

Or visit another posted last night, 10.19.09, over at VetVoice, the VoteVets interactive blog site, by Thurman Hart Your oath or your planet?, another OIF and OEF Veteran, he starts it out with the Oath we all take when joining the United States Military then

If you entered active duty service after 1962, you said this same oath (with the difference of inserting your own name).  I often say that my term of enlistment is over, but the patriotism that pushed those words out of my mouth is written on the walls of my heart.  I still rise to defend the Constitution, so help me God…>>>

“but the patriotism that pushed those words out of my mouth is written on the walls of my heart”

Those words hit right to the core for most of us who have served even for only our initial terms of service and not careerer as well as most of my brothers who were drafted into service back when we had the draft, the Oath and even the Military style structure has a tendency to stay with you the rest of your life, Especially the Oath.

Once again I call on All to visit and support Operation FREE and especially sign on to their call for an Apology by signing Their Petition, and pass it on. If in Pennsylvania go even further and call this state reps office and more!

He is a Veteran, but as I pointed out above Veterans also use the Damning Words of Political Speak to Slander their own, thus disgracing their own service as they verbally paint the picture in slandering many of those they’ve served with or came before them, just because many don’t walk in their lockstep political ideologies!!

From ‘Nam to the Present!!

Note: As to the Federal Government and the Representatives we hire, especially those who still carry an (R) after their names, and were in the Senate or House and held the Congressional Power, as the Administration did same previously, ask them why all of a sudden they’ve found Veterans Issues so important, as one in N.C., Senator Burr and a few in the House, have recently. Where were they as they were beating the drums of war and occupation, rubber stamping no bid contracts for private war and defense contractors, keeping the war cost off budget, and anything that administration wanted, Where Were They!! Ask them the next time you talk or write them, yours is probably had news reports lately saying similar about these issues and now their support.


    • jimstaro on October 20, 2009 at 15:38

    To use the ‘purple heart bandages’ pictures whenever the need to is the reality, that’s the Verbal Spitting on Veterans, the Actual Spitting!

    As many of us ‘Nam vets know there are no pictures of physical spitting, but those show where that meme came from, the same verbal slander back then surfacing today!!

    • jimstaro on October 20, 2009 at 18:19

    VetVoice: Campaign to Close Gitmo Launches

    Our first TV ad, calling on Congress to stand with the President and our military leaders and close Guantanamo now.

    Join there Call to Close Gitmo

    Campaign to Close Gitmo Launches

    Retired Generals, Veterans Group And Former Congressman Launch Campaign To Close Gitmo

    Group Releases National TV Ad; Launches Grassroots Campaign To Urge Congress To Close Guantanamo

    Washington DC – With the release of a 30 second television ad, a new campaign was launched today to close the US prison at Guantanamo Bay. The campaign, called the National Campaign to Close Guantanamo, was launched with a press call with Retired Generals Bob Gard and John Johns, Chairman Jon Soltz and former US Congressman and Director of the National Campaign to Close Guantanamo Tom Andrews.  The campaign will support President Obama’s call to close the prison and urge Congress to reject the scare tactics of Dick Cheney, and the far right, and shut down the Guantanamo.

    To combat the right-wing fear machine, the National Campaign to Close Guantanamo will run political ads and lead a grassroots campaign in both Washington and key Congressional districts…>>>Rest of Press Release Found Here

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