Job Fair

Ok so now it’s getting serious.  Living under a bridge abutment merely a forclosure procedure away the gloves just have to come off.  You won’t like it but it’s the truth.

Unemployment is 10%.

YOU LIE!!!!!

OK,Unemployment is really 13%


Alright, listen, you can’t get a job because you are a racist.

WTF did you just say to me?

The world is truely run by a 300 member cabal of evil Satanists whose current top prority mission is to destroy America and that experiment of freedom and justice for all.  Their media backs them up, that media has lied to Americans for generations in addition to not covering the real state of affairs about the US and the US relations to the world.

WBZ, the local TeeVee station wants to know if I will get the swine flu shot

Fuck You, how was that.  And yes if you are going to call me a racist anyway, then I am, and proud to be one.  I would get a redstate account but I’d rather not waste that time now I have to stay up to speed on all of the hatter Alex Jones type sites.

In other semi-related events Best Buy after a huge restructuring layoff is now hiring again but only after humping the shit out of my daughter for being on first maternity leave and then second out again due to a severe car accident.

Obviously you can discriminate against a white suburban girl down on her luck.

With Armageddon but 30 flu shot days away though it is liberating to know.  Look at all the shit I don’t have to do like recycle,go to financial planners, actually get a job or even clean out the cellar.  I can even dump my oil change down the storm drain with nary a blip on the conscience meter because that pales in comparison to the leaders of the “free” world doing world de-population.


The continuing job application process involves increasingly Satanic business buzzwords like ITAR compliant and other such Borg collective mindless nonsense.  Also missing are the check boxes as to my race.  I want one that says Fuck You because above all corporate can, does and will use race as an issue to suppress all mankind.  If in the ideal world of equality then there would be zero purpose in posing this question, yes?

Yet another digital storage opportunity.…

Mainstream local paper touting an excellent reason for people to get mugged, for their bracelets.  Must get on that RFID cloning with a cell phone technology.

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  1. but media has to whip up the fury about false events and memes, both sides.  You know I do wanna be WITH the guys who are going to have the guns, ideology be damned.

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