Dear Dems, Feed me a Sh!t Sandwich on HCR and I’ll BURN THIS MFing TENT TO THE GROUND

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    After reading Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH10) DKos post titled The Private Mandate Sausage Machine which explains how Health Care Reform may/will be twisted into a bill mandating that I purchase private insurance but lacks all content of reform, I would like to make the following statement.

    Dear Dems, Feed me a Sh!t/Sausage Sandwich on Health Care Reform and I’ll BURN THIS MFing TENT TO THE GROUND!!!!

    If the Private Health Care disaster is addressed by making it madatory that I buy junk insurance from the bastards that caused this mess, I will make it my personal business to drive the Corporate snakes from the tent and burn the tent to the ground.

    Simply put, if Dems pass a HCR bill with mandates and no public option, I will kick these Dems frakkin asses, and you should too.

    More below the fold and a call to action..


      It has been said by Bill Maher that Democrats are the new Republicans. He is almost right. The only difference seems to be that the 90-95% of the Dems are Corrupt and the 100% of elected Republicans are racist, stupid, heartless and corrupt.

     My point is, if the Democrats we have in Congress can’t do better than this, we don’t need anymore of them, and we better start working on BETTER ASAP.

    Right now the only thing that keeps the Dem = GOP concept  from being entirely true is the Progressive Caucus and the African American, Latino and Asian Caucuses. We need MORE of these types of Democrats, and we need to whittle out the ConservaDems, the Blue Dogs and the Baucuscrats who might as well be Republicans without the racism and stupidity.

    I keep hearing about this fabled “Big Tent” and how we need to be let Blue Dogs be Blue Dogs and support Conservatives in Blue Clothing since their districts purportedly won’t vote for a Dem “if he is too liberal”.

    You know what? F%$K THAT!

    It is time for Progressives start working on BETTER Dems, not more. It is time for Progressives to demand Progressive policies, not spineless wimps who care more for Bipartisanship with people who hope we fail and call us fascists. It is time to face the reality that a Big Tent means jacksh!t if it isn’t a Democratic tent. A big tent full of Corporate Lobbyists and petty, corrupt politicians should be burned to the ground, and if the Dems in Congress can do nothing better than what the lobbyists tell them to, I’ll bring the matches.

    Beacuse right now, Democrats aren’t a majority. Conservative Democrats + Conservative Republicans are the majority. Elections? Ha! Didn’t you know there was a safety valve that keeps Dem victories from enacting Dem policies? It’s called corruption, corruption in the form of Corporate bribes that get disguised as “Campaign donations”, and any day now the SCOTUS under Chief Supreme Corporate Guide Roberts is about to make Corporations and the almight dollar the cheif diety in the political landscape.

    But we can still fight back. We can still win.

    The concept that swing districts can only elect DINO’s and Dems with Conservative (code: Republican) policies is f#$king bullsh!t. The idea that the only way we can hang on to majorities is not by being different than Conservatives, but more like them is a load of crap.

     I think that is total BS. Dems will sucede because they are NOT like Republicans. They will fail if they are indiscernable form them. The Democrats will FAIL if they are just as corrupt and out of touch as the GOP, NOT because they aren’t Conservative enough.

     The reason why President Obama’s popularity is shrinking is because he is being too nice to Republicans. McCain voters HATE Obama, they are NOT going to change. Shrinking popularity can not, in all seriousness, be attributed to them. The reason Dems and President Obama are losing popularity is because are playing into the bipartisanship with the people America rejected the last two election cycles too much. America wanted change, not kinda some change, and watering down our legislation in the hopes that one or two Republicans might endorse it is a path to failure.

    But the Republicans are NOT to blame here. The blame falls on the Democrats themselves and the corrupt Baucus’s and Blue Dogs who water down whatever Dems do. If we can not do anything better than pass Reform in name only and have bullshit signing ceremonies that look historicy it is because that is what is wanted, not what was compromised between two parties.

    So, what can be done?

    It is really quite simple. Corporations can buy politicians, but they can’t buy votes.

    So, I say we tell our Democratic officials in Congress what we think of the chance that they will sell us out to hteh Corporations that caused this Humanitarian and Economic disaster.

Tell your Elected Democratic Congressmen that if they SCREW US, WE’LL SCREW THEM. Feed me a Sh!t Sandwich on HCR and I’ll vote for your opponents in primaries and leave you to fend for yourself in General Elections without my vote

Call Congress Toll Free at 1 800 828 0498

    Please CONTACT your House Representative , you can search for their contact information here or call (202) 225-1904.


      Please CONTACT your Senators , Click Click here to go to the Official Senate webpage where you can find contact information for your Senators

    Corporations and lobbyists can buy politicians, but they can’t our votes.

    It is time for Democrats, Progressives and Liberals to demand QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Otherwise we will only have a Democratic Party in name only.

    I, for one, will Yell Louder. And if these Democrtas feed me to the f#$king machine that caused this mess, I’ll Burn This MFing Tent Down, so help me Gods.

    Cause what a Health Care Reform bill that has mandates and no Public Option does is reward the Corporations for killing in the name of the law, and I won’t f#$king have it.

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  1. I’m not there yet, but if they screw me I will screw them.

    Be warned, elected Democrats.

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  2. too early in the morning for the RATM vid…lol.

    great dairy, I guess Im the only one who has a teeny-tiny problem with the violence hints? metaphors? DFH me. haha Dont worry, Im over it.

  3. 3rd party. And, they’re not very afraid of that.  

    • Joy B. on September 16, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    …before lighting off the canvas. Best to keep them inside, where it’s nice and warm. Other than that, good rant! §;o)

    • Inky99 on September 16, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    This one is DOA.

    Burning the tent down is probably the right idea.  

    Because then you have to get an entirely new tent.

    Which is the only way things are gonna change.

    I’ve been watching this disaster unfold for almost thirty years now.   It’s only getting worse, not better.   The Dems now are more right-wing than the old Repubs.   Eisenhower now looks like a screaming bleeding heart commie hippie liberal.

    New party.    

    • Edger on September 16, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Don’t you know that Obama is on the verge, the verge for chrissakes, of pulling a 50th dimension magic rabbit with a big ass toothy grin out of an invisible top hat right in front of your eyes at any moment now?

    And it better be a tasmanian devil rabbit with lots of sharp teeth that’ll chew up Pelosi and Emanuel on stage and spit out the bloody screaming chunks all over the place too… or Obama’s toast.

    Or should be…

    • Miep on September 17, 2009 at 1:19 am

    there’s something that really appeals to me about the idea of not feeling obliged to support candidates I heartily dislike, out of fear that candidates I utterly detest will win.

    It always smells like a setup, and it always makes me feel dishonest.

    And no, we don’t want to turn the country over to the wingers. It would be helpful to work out a way to communicate with them though, because they’re getting set up as badly as we are, and the PTB are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • jamess on September 17, 2009 at 2:38 am

    Better to light a low flame —

    and build a people-funded infrastructure —

    that let’s Progressives, remain progressive.

    Think of Act Blue, but make it Issue-Based.

    Message to the clowns in the 3 ring Circus —

    Support our Issuesget a cut of the Action.

    that’s my Idea anyways,

    until People can Match the Lobbyists

    in terms of Money, there will always be political sellouts.

    Industry has Deep Pockets;

    But the People have Deep Passion;

    and the People have the Numbers:

    assuming 20% of the People self-identify as Progressive —

    and each kick in on avg $10

    300,000,000 x 20% = 60,000,000 x $10 = $600,000,000

    That could underwrite a lot of campaigns,

    That could light a wild fire

    that sends those Convera-Corpo-Clowns Packing.

    • Valtin on September 17, 2009 at 4:49 am

    torture and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention wiretapping and state secrets… for this?

    Love the essay, but you better get ready to eat some serious sh!t.

    (PS. I certainly won’t hold you to your promise.)

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