We NEED Health Care!!! In order to deal with Climate Crisis

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OSLO (Reuters) – The world will face a “global health catastrophe” if governments fail to agree deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions as part of a U.N. pact in Copenhagen in December, several leading doctors have declared.


A strong agreement in Copenhagen by 190 nations to curb emissions would help avert heatwaves, floods and desertification that would disrupt water supplies and cause malnutrition and disease, especially in poor nations.

“Failure to agree radical reductions in emissions spells a global health catastrophe,” wrote authors Michael Jay, chair of the Merlin medical relief charity, and Michael Marmot, director of the International Institute for Society and Health.

Of course we could have a GREAT Health care system…..with the money we are spending on two wars.

Or with the money we give in tax cuts to the richest one per cent of Americans. While the Middle and Lower classes are steadily drained of their wealth.


And where doe that drain lead? Why, right back to that one percent, the one percent that crashed the economy. The one percent that owns the Health Care and Insurance industry, the one percent that owns the financial industry, the one percent that owns the Military Industrial Complex, the one percent that own the energy and pollution industries that are killing the planet, threatening ALL of our health and denying us the Health Care we need to deal with the effects of the Climate Crisis that they are profiting from.

The one percent who own the media that feeds us gossip while they go about the business of killing the planet….and our children’s children….all for the sake of the quarterly balance sheet and a few extra dollars in their pocket.

It leaves only one real question….are they aware of what they are doing, of the planet killing Class War they are waging? Or are they, like the politicians in DC who are so unaware of what the People of the country are suffering….just too well insulated by their wealth and privilege to see the effects of their actions? The results of their greed and hubris?

Can they not SEE the results of their actions? Can they not SEE where the status quo is leading us?

Water and resource wars, food shortages leading to massive economic migration, (by those who they then call ‘illegal’ immigrants) planet wide health crisis, the death of the reefs and then the oceans, the oceans that increasingly feed us, even as we are rapidly depleting the food in them, the rising sea levels now wiping out islands and soon to wipe out coast lines, and cities, and ports necessary for food distribution?

Do they not realize the destruction they are sewing with their greed and insistence on blocking change?

That MUST be the answer. A total unawareness of how their actions are affecting the rest of us, of how they are leading us down the road to an uninhabitable planet. Of the horrible consequences that every effort they make to block the fundamental change that we need to save the only planet we have will wreak upon ALL of us in the future.

Will it REALLY take some global catastrophe to wake them….and most of us…up to the ever accelerating dangers of Climate Crisis?

At this point, all we can do is wait and see.

And of course….Keep Yelling! In the hope that someday soon they will hear us….BEFORE all of these things get too bad to do anything about them.


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    • Miep on September 16, 2009 at 8:20 pm

    and they’re already working out how to turn a profit from it.

  2. That wealth gap chart is amazing.  No wonder the sixties felt so great.  We (most of us) had a workable share, enough to be able to take time and enjoy life.  Not that there weren’t many things wrong, but most of us weren’t complete wage slaves.  

    • Edger on September 16, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    what they and have always been doing and are doing now is what has given them the grace of gawd and made them fat and wealthy… so they must have always been and are doing something right.

    And it follows of course, that if everybody else acted just like them and all the goddamn whiny peasants would just get that through their thick heads and smarten the fuck up, why then, everything for everyone everywhere would be just peachy and we’d all be living in a shining city on a hill driving Beamers and Maseratis on streets paved in gold and caviar, right?

    Right? Right?

    Why would they change now?


    Hand me one of those airsick bags, would you?

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