Cultural Semantics

At times I detect “interesting” feedback from my comments and essays using this limited venue and would like to point out my totally “abnormal” worldview.

The closest know personality I can use to describe me is David Icke.  Yes, that instantly puts me into the “hatter” crowd, welcome to semantics, and my explanation for those of you who don’t know I feel like Helen Keller trying to say things which get misread 99% of the time.

I do detect that hostility in response to my comments and essays at times and learn from that experience.  I stay away from those right wing places because as you would say red is dead.  I would say red is that lower spiritual plane in which no amount of de-programming could salvage these people however the planes of attack upon other people are multi-dimensional.  When I bring up Icke I am a loony tune, or the veils.  Somebody equated Don Harkins with those “fringe idiot” liberatarians when I started referencing this.…

That being said I dismiss vast amounts of American cultural baggage many here still lap gleefully while trying to not offend people.  It can’t be done and or is a waste of time plus who says I could possibly be right,true,noble,egalitarian,”good” in this vast diverse universe.

I considered several times of dispensing with my the Apocalypse is tomorrow theme yet each day it seems to grow in size and scope making the David Koresh style survivalist compound an ever more appealing strategy.  I have turned a few heads yet I see myself as a lone wolf against the army of corporate media which is by my accounts daily spewing toxic crap into the airwaves.

This is one of the most mainstream places documenting deception in America.

They however take an entire year to research and document the top 25 stories as to how Americans are mis-informed at the very least.  A statement I consider to be most charitable.  

Let us consider the total mix of Rush Limbaughs, fans of professional wrestling, technofreaks of mixed in with the E-channel absorbed celebrity set.  What happens to all of this when stuff does indeed either stop coming to the supermarket and or wheelbarrels full of fiat cash are needed to procure it.  Now that might get nasty.


  1. I may have trouble with Lizardpeople and really high technology (Why would they stay?), I don’t have much to complain about when you write (at least I don’t remember having any beef). Keep at it…the herd needs to look up while they still have a chance.

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